How to Choose Your Perfect Summer Shades

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This is part of a series of sponsored guest blog posts to celebrate Sunglasses Day on June 27, 2018. 

Warmer temps, al fresco dining, vacations with the family. All of these things are synonymous with summer. Chances are you’re going to be wearing a pair of sunglasses during your adventures, and I want to make sure you are turning heads this season. Here are some tips for choosing your perfect pair of sunglasses this summer by yours truly.

Think about how you will be wearing the sunglasses

Yes, I know you will wear them on your face, but think about what else you’re going to be up to while wearing them. The activity you’re engaging in can affect the type of sunglasses that you select! I spend a lot of time in the city, running from place to place. If you’re a bit more active, you may want a polarized lens (if you are boating, driving) to cut glare that will help keep you from squinting.

Select your style

This is the FUN part! While you can absolutely choose whatever style you want, you’ll want to consider your face shape to look your best. Round lenses are a square face shape’s friend. My fiancé’s face shape is round, and he is faithful to his rectangle-shaped lenses. I have a more square/heart-shaped face, so I have fun with aviators! I recently chose a CALVIN KLEIN aviator in tortoise for a classic look with a little bit of vintage flair.

Fighting the signs of aging? Consider a larger frame

Anyone else trying to combat crow’s feet and fine lines? When selecting a pair of frames, it’s not only chic to choose larger sunglasses, but it’s smart too. Help protect yourself against the sun with large or wrap-around frames and daily sunscreen use.

Check your vision insurance coverage

Did you know that depending on your plan, you can use your VSP benefits toward a pair of sunglasses? Don’t delay in doing so; summer’s here!

Recreate my look with these frames by visiting Eyeconic.

– Kachet

This is a sponsored guest post from Kachet Jackson-Henderson, the blogger behind The Kachet Life.

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    Really helpful information.

    I mostly wear my sunglasses in summer and winter both seasons and feel stylish to carry different styles of shade with different outfit.

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