Woman Goes Blind After Leaving in Contact Lenses for Six Months

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I hope you’re not eating as you’re reading this.

A student in Taiwan left her contact lenses in for six months, resulting in a microscopic bug eating her eye and causing blindness.

The student failed to take the contacts out for daily cleaning during those six months, and even kept them in while washing and swimming. This is a big no-no for contact wearers.

While this may be an extreme example of failing to follow proper contact lens usage advice, it’s still a good reminder to those who wear contacts who might slip up on their eye hygiene every now and again.

As a refresher, here are some key tips for caring for your contact lenses—and hopefully avoiding the same fate as the student from Taiwan:

Not at night. If your contacts aren’t the overnight-approved, extended wear variety, don’t treat them that way. Daily wear contacts need nightly soaks to clean and disinfect them. The morning routine should include a simple rinse with fresh solution before putting them in your eyes.

Wash away. The cardinal rule of staying healthy, in general, is wash your hands often. When it comes to contact lenses, often means immediately before you handle them. This will help keep them clean and free of nasty stuff, like skin oils, dust and salty sweat.

No to nails. Only your fingertips should touch your contacts. Fingernails can easily rip the delicate material. If you wear your nails long, find another technique to retrieve the contacts from the container before transferring to your finger. The soft disinfected tip of a medicine dropper can do the trick.

Refuse to reuse. Here’s one instance where recycling is a no-no. Never reuse contact lens solution. Ever. Use fresh stuff every night.

Banish beauty aids. Well, around your contacts anyway. Keep soaps, lotions, cosmetics, perfumes and other daily “must-do’s” away from your contacts.

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  • Thanks i found these tips extremely useful as i have just started wearing contact lenses. I like your blog, the posts are very useful.

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