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Update: This promotion is now closed.

Sharper Image® TechShield is Sending One Family on a $15,000 “Glamping” Getaway

If you’re like most people, you spend the majority of your day with your eyes fixed on a screen. Let’s face it, we live in a digital world. Computers, tablets, and smartphones give us a level of convenience and connectivity that previous generations would have loved. But every now and then, you (and your entire family) could use a break from your devices.

The Sharper Image TechShield Digital Detox Sweepstakes* is giving one lucky family the chance to take that break in “big sky country.”

When you enhance your lenses with TechShield through September 30, you’ll reduce your exposure to blue light from digital screens, and have the chance to win a $15,000 “glamping” getaway at The Resort at Paws Up® where your entire family can disconnect from your devices and reconnect with each other.


The Grand Prize:

  • Four nights luxury tent suite accommodation
  • Daily meals and beverages
  • Guided horseback trail ride
  • River rafting down the Blackfoot River
  • Chuck wagon family dinner experience
  • Additional complimentary activities
  • Round-trip airfare and local transportation

Entering is Easy!

VSP members simply visit TechShieldSweepstakes.com between now and September 30, 2016, and complete the form to enter.

A Clear Alternative to Traditional Blue Light Lenses

Sharper Image TechShield is an advanced lens coating that helps reduce exposure to blue light associated with eye strain. And with an attractive, near-clear appearance, TechShield allows you to defend your eyes without compromising your looks.

Learn more about blue light and Sharper Image TechShield.

*Sweepstakes exclusive to VSP members. No purchase necessary. Prize package for two adults and two children. Winner can change package to four adults at additional cost.


  • Michael Welch says:

    Sounds good.

  • Jeff Shay says:

    This is my ideal vacation!!

  • Mary Mattner says:

    My suitcase is packed!

  • Emily Kilpatrick says:

    I’d love to visit beautiful Montana again 🙂

  • Kim Trivette says:

    This would be an awesome experience to do with my family.

  • Hit the glamping trail!

  • Mike Berge says:

    Great location & great fun ahead.

  • David Grant says:

    I’m ready!

  • What an awesome time this “glamping “trip would be!

  • Linda Williams says:

    I’m retired and love to go everywhere.

  • Linda Williams says:

    I am retired and love to travel all over the world. I enjoy everything from sight-seeing to eating.

  • Eva asinas says:

    My dream vacation finally came true

  • Christopher D Solomon says:

    Sounds like a great trip.

  • Sandra Lovell says:

    I enjoy all information from VSP due to my wearing glasses daily. This has great information of eye care!

  • Deborah says:

    Trading in blue light for blue skies; count me in!

  • James says:

    My family would love this experience

  • Sandra Shumaker says:

    This would be a great time together as a family.

  • Sekari Vaidy says:

    Sounds exciting!

  • Elizabeth Phillips says:

    Sounds wonderful

  • Bryan Busser says:

    My saddle bags are packed

  • Roy Fouch says:

    Crossing my Fngers!

  • I have never been to Montana ,would love to go.

  • Danny chan says:

    So wanna win this

  • S. Lyn says:

    Would totally love this!

  • Wanda Hanshaw says:

    Never been to Montana.

  • Love this need a vacation haven’t had one in 10 years

  • Janet L Wilson says:

    Love camping, especially now that I can see the beautiful sites with my new glasses!

  • Moll;y Kuntz says:

    Nothing could be finer than a trip like this.

  • Baldev Bajwa says:

    Give me a break. Thanks

  • Peggy Kwasniewski says:

    Would love to go

  • Kathleen Trout says:

    This sounds like a FABULOUS GETAWAY! Montana is a GORGEOUS state!

  • Sounds like a way to save vision and cut down on eye strain. I would love to win the trip and get away from tech stuff for a few days.

  • Tammy Stoicich says:

    Hey kids pack your bags because we’re going glamping!! You might even get to see the legendary Big Foot… I’m ready!!

  • kandy says:

    hit the glamping trail!

  • I would love to see Montana.

  • Joyce Young says:

    I haven’t camped since I went on a middle school field trip.This would be a great experience for myself and family.

  • Stacey Otterson says:

    This seems like an amazing adventure.

  • Susan Goetz says:

    This would be a blast for my family!

  • Katie Wilde says:

    We live right next to Montana! I work all day on a computer, glamping sounds amazing!

  • Pamela Lecates says:

    What a great experience this would be!

  • Therese Ledford says:

    Have always dreamed of visiting the west!!

  • M. Lopez says:

    The “big sky country” can’t wait to go there with the family.

  • Phuong Nguyen says:

    My eyes say to me “I am seeing better” and “what a beautiful place!”

  • Patty says:

    Pick me pick me!!

  • Patty says:

    Family dream vaca!

  • Patty says:

    What time do we leave?



  • alfonso arce says:

    Love it

  • Vickie Neal says:

    Suitcase is ready and waiting.

  • Sheena Hamilton says:

    I’ve never been to Montana OR glamping. This would be amazing!

  • Kelly says:

    Ready to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • Kim Yourch says:

    Also it says this…Eligible VSP Members must complete the following steps during the Promotion Period: 1) Visit the VSP Vision Care Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/VSPVisionCare; 2) Go to the Digital Detox Sweepstakes application on the VSP Vision Care Facebook page; 3) Complete the entry form per the instructions. Any entry will not be received until all of the above steps have been completed. Eligible VSP Members must have a valid Facebook account to participate (which can be obtained at no cost). All entries must be received by Sponsor by 11:59 p.m. PT on September 30,2016. Entries that are late, lost, stolen, tampered with, illegible, incomplete, mechanically reproduced, inaccurate, forged or otherwise not in compliance with these Terms and Conditions will be disqualified. VSP Members may enter once throughout the Promotion Period. Alternatively, during the Promotion Period Eligible VSP Members may enter without a valid Facebook account by entering here: http://shout.lt/bDbvw

    The way I entered was through a company email that I was supplied and it does not take you through the Facebook page area…so does this mean I am not entered correctly? If I go to the Facebook page and do this correctly am I enter twice and now not eligible?? I also may have inadvertently enter twice because I filled in my entry then went to read the terms and when I return my entry was blank and I wasn’t sure if it went through…again very confusing!! Sorry

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Kim,
      We’ve relieved your entry. Either entry method is valid.
      -Angelina F.,VSP

      • Kim Yourch says:

        Thank you. So please tell me if it is true that we are only able or required to submit (1) one entry? I also would like to be sure that I have done my entry correctly and won’t be disqualified. I know my chances are slim as this is a world wide contest but as they say “you never know” 🙂
        Thank you, Kim

  • Mario Esqueda says:

    Glamping,camping,family it’s all the same for me!
    Sign me up cause “we’re burning daylight.”
    Yippee-ki-yea SI!

  • Karla Deliopoulos says:

    I’m ready for a vaca!

  • Cheryl Gasparovich says:

    Saddle up, I’m ready to go.

  • Deanie Hensley says:

    I need me some mountain air and outdoors!

  • Paris Eakins says:

    Ready to ditch the city life and get back to nature!!

  • Andrea says:

    Awesome family vacation!

  • Brett says:

    Ride ’em Cowgirl

  • Angelica paz says:

    Here we go glamorous glamping!

  • Would love a “glamping” experience!

  • Cristy Willingham says:

    This would be amazing

  • Martha Lynn Glosser says:

    I need something to alleviate my sadness, over having lost my husband of 7 years (my first marriage; his third).

  • chan phan says:

    variety is the spice of life

  • John Seitz says:

    I’m ready to camp but would rather glamp

  • Victor S. Williams Sr. says:

    Taking a vacation like this would really help with my anxiety. I love riding horses so this vacation would be an awesome experience for me.and technically would be my first real vacation in my adult life.

  • Mitch says:

    On the trail again, can’t wait to get on the trail again, hang with my friends . . . . . .

  • Billie Young says:

    Count me in!! Looks like fun!!

  • Kim Possible says:


  • Mitch says:

    on the trail again, can’t wait to get on the trail again . . .hanging with my friends . .. can’t wait to get on the trail again .. .

  • Laurel Nash says:

    I would love it

  • Doug Lewis says:

    Pick Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Walsh says:

    Glamping is the only camping my wife wants to consider.

  • Theresa Webber says:

    I’m ready to go!

  • Kori MacDonnell says:

    What an incredible adventure!

  • Renee Weeks says:

    What a wonderful opportunity it would be for me and my family. We have never had a family vacation.

  • Joyce Tallmadge says:

    Sounds like a great vacatoon

  • Mary Dodds says:

    Lookin’ good

  • Laura. Spurlin says:

    Would love this.

  • Nicole Cearley says:

    Glamping or bust.

  • Neil says:

    I would love to do this with family!

  • Allen Grymes says:

    The only horses I have ever ridden are usually plugged in and require a couple of quarters, or else they are tethered to a turn post at a carnival, but I am game to try!!!

  • KAREN LANDRY says:


  • Rebecca Walka-Perry says:

    This is something I’d really like to experience!

  • Nancy Willis says:

    I have never been to montana. It looks great.

  • Rhonda Verma says:

    This will probably save my life. I am sick, sick, sick of working with computers.

  • Marie says:

    Can use a vacation and this sounds awesome

  • Shannen Cooper says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

    • Joyce Young says:

      Gaming was made for me. I would love this opportunity to fall in love with the outdoors and to top it off with the added icing makes this a sweet opportunity for me and my family to learn how to make real smores. Count me in!

  • Geri says:

    Vacation on the back of a horse sounds A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Sign me up!!!

    • Joyce Young says:

      Gaming was made for me. I would love this opportunity to fall in love with the outdoors and to top it off with the added icing makes this a sweet opportunity for me and my family to learn how to make real smores. Count me in!

  • Lindella says:

    Horse riding great news. I need a break from cell phone

  • Sherrie Mullins says:

    This would be so AMAZING to spend much needed time with my family! I definitely need this after the year I have had!

  • Veronica Prado says:

    Awesome opportunity to get away w/family and unplug for real quality time w/the kids

  • Kathleen sawicki says:

    Glamping is great

  • Twani says:

    I would LOVE to be able to spend some much over due & needed relaxing time in God’s Country with my husband & to be able to enjoy it on the back of a horse would even be better 🙂

  • Michelle Dixon says:

    Montana is at the top of my bucket list!!! And that “glamping” part sure sounds like more fun than the Scout camping we are used to.


  • Chrissy Stout says:

    This trip is my elderly mothers dream vacation with our two girls before she can’t do it any longer. We had to adopt my two great-nieces so we’re both raising them. Not easy at our ages but you gotta do what’s right. I’ll say my prayers! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • TD says:

    Get us more prizes like this

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