What do your arms have to do with digital eye strain?

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In today’s world, we are surrounded by digital devices. From smartphones, to tablets, to computer monitors and television screens, our eyes are constantly fixed on screens that emit high-energy blue light. Have you ever wondered which of these devices may be most harmful to your eyes?

In the video below, VSP optometrist Gary Morgan explains why the real question should focus on the distance between your eyes and the screen, rather than the device itself.


  • Pat Thomas says:

    What does your video imply about a Kindle electronic book reader? I have macular degeneration and find the Kindle useful because I can easily increase font size. Am I doing harm to my already fragile eyes? pmt

  • Norma Martinez says:

    More info, what can I do

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  • Naduella says:

    I heard about an app that reduces the amount of blue light a device emits as the day goes by. Is there any validity to such an app and if so, can you suggest any?

  • Eric says:

    I would say that since you can increase the font size you should be able to hold the device further away, thus reducing the intensity.

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