Dragon Unveils New Floatable Sunglasses – Win Some!

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It’s summer time, and it’s getting hot. If you’re like me, you’re itching to get into the water. And, if you do any snowboarding, skiing or water sports, you probably know about the company Dragon. Dragon has a definite lifestyle appeal, and I love their gear. I’m particularly interested in their sunglasses because I spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer. Have you ever tried to wear sunglasses in the ocean? It’s not easy, and it’s not relaxing when, with every wave, you may have to kiss your sunnies goodbye for good.

My eyes are too sensitive to go without shades—plus it’s really bad for your eyes to go without—so I needed a good solution that doesn’t look silly. Enter Dragon. Once I learned about their new floatable sunglasses, I became a lifelong customer.  They solved my worries by designing sunglasses that float on water when they fall off your face. Problem solved!

Dragon has seamlessly blended fashion with function in its new H20 Floatable Collection. Whether you’re a man or a women, you’ll love these new floatable sunglasses every time you step foot into the water. Arriving just in time for summer, they’re the answer to avoid losing your shades. So if you’re out surfing or wakeboarding like in this video, you’ll be good to go.

Dragon’s H20 Collection pairs a selection of their most popular styles with a specially formulated frame. To see the entire collection, visit www.Dragonalliance.com

I’m so stoked about these shades, I convinced Dragon to let us give two pairs away to our readers. Check out the different styles above and let us know in the comments below which you would love to win and why.


Congratulations to Chris R and Gina for winning floatable suns from Dragon. Everyone else, stay tuned for more giveaways!


  • Gopal Chakravarthy says:

    Dragon glasses are wicked…I love the smooth summer styles that blend effortlessly with cool chic for both men and women. The flotable feature of the sunglass is awesome because I’ve lost my glasses to the water several times at the beach. No biggie to go into the pool with the glassess..they would just float away if it fell away and you’d save some cool $$$.

  • Christine A. says:

    Yes, finally, a floatable & retrievable pair of shades. I wear contacts & must have glasses on while teaching my boys how to swim. These sound perfect!

  • Brian kaiser says:

    Floatable sunglasses?! Sign me up!

  • Susan M Barham says:

    I spend a lot of time in the water with kids! would love some floatable sunglasses!

  • Corbin Barham says:

    I want to be seen in these!

  • Dan Barrett says:

    Floating sunglasses. How COOL!?

  • I would LOVE to win and review the Cinch – Matte Stealth / Grey Performance Polar sunglasses for my “future” soninlaw. My daughter and he are getting married in 3 weeks on July 7th. He loves the outdoors, fishing, swimming, running, and more. Having served in the army for years, he would never think of spending money on himself(though he would on others), even though glasses like this are a protection and preventative medicine for the eyes. He is a very special loving, giving, and caring young man. It would be such a blessing to gift him these. I cannot imagine the look on his face! I love the fact that this pair not only has uv 100% protection, but also is stylish and covers the whole eye area. He needs a medium fit also, so these would be awesome! And I am sure he would create great brand buzz. I hope you will consider helping to make his wedding day ( on the beach- DIY wedding) all the better with these incredible sunglasses!

  • Perfect idea for summer

  • Stephen McDonnell says:

    I hope I win! The glasses look hot.

  • Carol B says:

    I’d love to win the Mansfield black white/grey sunglasses. Love the style & the fact that they float! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  • Christine Ramsey says:

    I would love to win the The Jam – Jet Purple / Purple Ion sunglasses. I love the color, and they would be great for when I am out enjoying my summer swimming and water activities with my 8 children. I wouldn’t have to worry about losing them since they float, and the color would be bright and easy to locate in the lake or pool.

  • Sarah says:

    How awesome! These would be great for the boat!

  • John Smith says:

    Cool concept, excellent look. I want a pair real bad!!

  • Top Glasses says:

    these incredible sunglasses!

  • Cliff Weimer says:

    I’m already the coolest guy at the beach, thank you very much… but put me in a pair o’ them Experience II purple things… man, oh, man….

  • Jillie M says:

    There is a lot of money sitting in the bottom of our local Canal! Love the style — Cinch – Matte Black / Grey

  • Kathy West says:

    These sunglasses are awesome, love to have some

  • Susan Plank says:

    I like the Brigade sunglasses because they are very stylish and floatable.

  • Michelle S says:

    I would love a pair!! I could float in my pool and my eyes would be protected, these are GREAT!!!

  • Gina N. says:

    Living in Florida, I am always in the water; either swimming at the beach or pool, or out boating. So these Dragon H20 Floatable Sunglasses would really come in handy for all my water involved activities as well as just looking fashionable when I’m not in the water.

  • Chris Lott says:

    Those glasses would be amazing for boating!

  • Georgie C says:

    wow wee never heard of anything like it but would like to win

  • Lesinda R. says:

    These glasses would be awesome to win. thanks for the opportunity

  • Cindy Wiza says:

    Cinch/ Tortoise

  • Ed Martin says:

    I love everything to do with water!!! And I have just been diagnosed with keratoconus which helps explain why I could never go out without my sunglasses. The Dragons I like are the Mansfield! They are The fashion statement with a purpose.

  • Shawn Mabley says:

    The Jam Palm Springs Pool–they would look great and protect my eyes while whitewater rafting this summer!

  • Steve says:

    It’s that time of year for Tubing, canoeing and Kayaking down the rivers in NH and Maine. I can’t tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I lost due to that fact that they sink as soon as they hit the water. These would be perfect for any water activities during the summer. Would love a pair

  • Allen Gabel says:

    I would love to win a pair of these floatabel sunglasses. These would be great for when I water ski to proectet my eyes and especially when I take a spill. I wouldn’t need to worry about them doing a deep six.

  • Marza says:

    These sunglasses are amazing. I cant tell you how many time I have felt nervous about wearing sunglasses to the lake or the beach. I have a tendency to forget i’m wearing them and jump into the water. I love the vibrant colors and great styles that go with them.

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