Emergency Preparedness: Eye Care Edition

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Disaster Preparedness Glasses

Natural disasters can strike with little or no notice. Having a plan and emergency preparedness kit ready to go can help you and your family navigate more quickly and easily when confronted with a disaster.

  1. Know the types of disasters most common to your area

Emergencies can range from personal, such as house fires, to community-wide, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires or floods. Learn about the disasters most likely to strike where you live, and find the best sources of alerts, early warnings and information.

Local radio, NOAA radio, and local news broadcast may be valuable resources for updated emergency information related to severe weather. The American Red Cross also offers mobile apps to help you monitor severe weather, emergency alerts, and tips to prepare for such emergencies.

  1. Build an emergency preparedness kit

Every kit should include necessities like food, water, medication and first aid supplies. Other essentials include: paper maps, cash, flashlights, cell phone chargers, hygiene items and copies of personal documents. We also recommend keeping a copy of your current eyewear prescription(s) and doctor contact information.

If possible, keep an extra pair of glasses or a current supply of contacts in your kit, too. Whether navigating damaged roads or filling out insurance paperwork, you’ll want to ensure you have the eyewear you rely on to see clearly.

The American Red Cross has a full list of kit recommendations.

  1. Develop your plan and keep your family informed

The American Red Cross has informative and easy-to-use templates that you can customize for your family. Common emergency scenarios, such as what to do if you are separated or how to let your loved ones know you are safe, are available as customizable plans on the website.

  1. Know where help is available

Take action to ensure you and your loved ones are ready for any situation. Know what resources are available in your region for emergency relief as well as where they are. Remember, large-scale disasters may render local services unavailable.

If you have lost or damaged your eyewear or are in need of eye care due to a disaster, VSP can help. Visit our disaster relief page to learn more: vspglobal.com/disasteroutreach

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