How to Enroll in VSP Vision Care

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The process of enrolling in benefits during open enrollment may seem daunting, but vision care is typically one of the easier benefits to enroll in, and will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have the coverage you need to keep your eyes healthy. As a glasses wearer for eight years now, I can tell you that access to eye exams and stylish eyewear is a must for me! And I’m not alone—VSP provides vision coverage to nearly 80 million members in the U.S.

In addition to getting an updated prescription, comprehensive eye exams are a noninvasive way to check for eye diseases and signs of serious health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes that might otherwise go unnoticed until they become more serious problems.

See how much you can save

How would you like to keep an extra dollar a day? VSP Members have access to more than 38,000 VSP network eye doctors across the nation, and save an average of $365 a year. Plus, as a VSP member you have access to exclusive member extras that include special offers on featured frame brands, popular contact lens brands, LASIK, hearing aids and more. Find out how much you could save with VSP using the savings calculator.

How to enroll

Now let’s figure out how you can become a VSP member, or how you can keep your coverage this enrollment period:

  • Through your employer – Find out if VSP Vision Care is offered through your work. If so, you can enroll during your open enrollment period or during qualifying life events such as getting married or having a baby.
  • Through an Exchange or Marketplace – If you are eligible, go directly to the enrollment website and enroll in VSP Vision Care.
  • Purchase an Individual Plan – If you don’t have access to a plan through your employer, you can go to to view plan options starting as low as $17/month.

Are you retiring soon? Check out these questions to ask your employer before retirement to learn about your coverage options when you retire.

For more information about vision benefits offered through VSP, visit


  • Verneta Anderson says:

    I would love to enroll in VSP please let me know thank you

    • Patrick I. says:


      Thank you for your interest! To get started, feel free to browse our website and view the plan that may fit best for your needs here: If you’d prefer to talk to a representative instead, please call 800.877.7195 to speak with Member Services. Sincerely, Patrick, VSP

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