An Eye Exam Brings Clarity to Nursing Student

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It was during an evening college class that Diana, age 23, first noticed she couldn’t see the classroom board clearly. She hadn’t had an eye exam since she was 12.

“I was sitting in the front row and still couldn’t read the board,” said Diana.

Diana nannies during the day to pay her way through school while taking classes at night to pursue a nursing degree, which she is on track to complete next summer. With a tightly packed schedule, getting an eye exam was not top of mind for Diana. But once she started struggling to see the classroom board, she knew it was time to see an eye doctor.

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A friend gave Diana a VSP Individual Vision Plan, which is designed for people like her who don’t have access to vision coverage through their employer.

“I was able to sign up quickly and schedule an appointment with an eye doctor near me,” said Diana.

During her exam, Diana’s eye doctor discovered that she needed a much higher prescription than she had in her old glasses. The eye doctor also found that Diana had several risk factors that make her more susceptible to developing glaucoma. She was surprised because the eye doctor also told her that the disease is not common in people in their early twenties. She will go back for another eye exam in six months, so her eye doctor can continue to monitor her vision.

In the meantime, Diana is enjoying the many benefits of having clear vision with her new glasses.

“I was in shock the first time I put on my new glasses,” said Diana. “I couldn’t believe I was walking around seeing the world as I had been before. I used to always show up early for class, so I could find a spot in the front row. Now, I can sit anywhere I want!”

eye exam

Looking ahead, Diana is excited to start her career in the nursing field.

“I want to help others. My patients will all be someone’s loved ones,” said Diana. “I want to care for them and help them feel better as if they were my own mom, dad, brother or friend.”
She still has a lot of work ahead of her to finish her nursing degree, but she is already having an easier time studying.

“I used to get headaches when reading and needed to take frequent breaks,” said Diana. “Now, I can just read and not worry about it. I didn’t realize that my head was hurting from focusing so hard on seeing the letters on the page.”

Diana shares her story because she wants others to know how important it is to see an eye doctor regularly and what a difference doing so made in her life. If you haven’t had your annual comprehensive eye exam, you can find an eye doctor today and schedule an appointment.

If you need vision coverage like Diana, you can visit to learn how coverage can help you save an average of $200 on your next eye exam and glasses.

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