How an eye exam brought a new perspective to this 64-year-old

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Ron has worked as a fishing guide all his life. “It’s a job that takes passion,” Ron shared. “Every day is a new day and you never know what you’re going to get. I never want to stop what I do.”

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Over the years, Ron’s eyesight became so poor that he could not accomplish everyday tasks, like driving or fixing broken appliances in his home. Ron stated, “I’ve always loved living an independent life. I am not married and don’t have a family close to where I stay, so it’s very important that I am healthy and can see clearly.”

Ron received his first pair of glasses when he was 10 years old after a teacher noticed him squinting. At the time, he wasn’t achieving his full potential in school or in sports because he couldn’t see clearly. “I could not see the blackboard, and my performance started going down. I never realized it’s an eye problem and just believed that I was simply not as good as my siblings.”

Even with deterioration in his eyesight, Ron hadn’t received an eye exam or new eyewear in nearly three decades. Living about six hours away from the nearest eye doctor was a key challenge in getting the care he needed. It wasn’t until a client saw him squinting while working and recommended a VSP Individual Vision Plan, that Ron considered going in for an eye exam.

After getting his first eye exam in 30 years, Ron realized he should have had an eye exam sooner. It changed his perspective. “Before my eye exam, my eyesight had become so bad that I could not do or see anything. I could not even see leaves on trees.” Ron added, “I missed a lot in life and the eye exam gave me a whole new world. I can now see cars, number plates, everything.”

eye exam

Ron is happy to get back to doing what he loves and plans to get an eye exam on a regular basis.

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This is a guest blog post by VSP employee, Vibhuti G.

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