4 Eyewear Fashion Trends From the 2018 Grammy Awards

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While the 2018 Grammy Awards may have been political this year, we stayed focused on the faces to see what eyewear fashion trends emerged from the red carpet and took center stage. Here are our nominees for best eyewear fashion trends at the Grammys and how you can capture the look!

Dark, Round Glasses

We always see a mix of styles of eye glasses at the Grammys, but most guys this year were sporting round frames. We saw bolder, darker colorations—often with a thicker construction—that created a very retro-inspired, modern vibe. That combination makes this a very trendy shape for both men and women.

Right now, we’re loving these Calvin Klein frames, which embody the look perfectly. The frame is a nod to classic Calvin Klein styling, but the round shape features a key hole bridge and delicate pin detailing on the outer corners to add interesting elements of sophistication.

calvin klein round eyeglasses

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Bold Sunglasses With Double Brow Bar

Sunglasses are always front and center in eyewear fashion trends at the Grammys. But you don’t wear sunglasses at night unless you’re going for a bold look, and bold is what we saw. Larger, thicker sunglasses were spotted throughout the show, and almost all of them featured a double brow bar.

We can’t get enough of these, vintage-inspired Ferragamo suns. Their unique shaping near the nose pads along with a keyhole bridge and double brow bar take this statement piece to the top of our list. In fact, this style made the top of the list from our recap of the 2018 Golden Globes.

ferragamo sunglasses double brow bar

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Dramatic Cat-Eye Glasses

The subtle cat-eye shapes of years past have been overtaken with much more dramatic interpretations of this feminine classic. Deeper bridges with accentuated angles were everywhere at Grammys.

Our favorite cat-eye style is definitely this pair from MCM. The frame’s bold and edgy lines along with its translucent appearance completely redefine the concept of a cat-eye.

 MCM Cat-Eye Glasses

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Aviator Sunglasses

The always-popular aviator sunglasses were also featured multiple times throughout the Grammys. Worn by both men and women, the classic shape is a go-to for versatile style.

Aviators are always great for any occasion, and we really like this unisex style from Lacoste. The double brow bar, which gives it an updated look, pushes it to the top of our list.

Lacoste aviator sunglasses

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    I love these! Can’t wait to try these styles out and see which ones I love!

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    I really like cat eye sunglasses. I have recent purchase cat eye sunglasses from Blank sunglasses but yes I also love to buy your Dramatic Cat-Eye Glasses!!!

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