Eyewear Inspires Spring Flower Bouquets

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Every Spring, nature provides a colorful feast for the eyes. Artists like La Raye Emmert are the chefs, taking beautiful individual pieces and crafting them into exquisite arrangements. We recently met La Raye in the garage-turned-studio that sits behind her beautiful, early twentieth-century home in Northern California. With April showers having passed, her work space is in full bloom as May flowers take center stage.

Sunglasses Flowers Mothers Day Image

La Raye is an artist, a small business owner, and the mother to her one-year-old daughter. She spent most of her career in the fashion industry, specializing in visual merchandising, until she decided to move into a profession that allowed her more flexibility to be home with her daughter.

“People who knew I was in the creative space just kept asking me to create floral arrangements for their weddings,” said La Raye. As the demand for her work grew, La Raye decided it was time to make a change.

“My husband’s passion for things that grow definitely rubbed off on me, but the real reason I left the corporate world was to be a mom,” she said. “A business in floral design allows me to both follow my passion and be the kind of mom I want to be.”

To celebrate the spring season, we asked La Raye to take several collections of eyewear and draw inspiration from them to create floral bouquets.

“This project was surprisingly similar to the work I do with weddings,” she said. “I draw inspiration from the bride and the dress, and then I create bouquets that capture their essence

Sunglasses Flowers Mothers Day Image

“I fell in love with the blue-winged detail of these nude color sunglasses from Longchamp. I always love cat-eye style frames; they remind me of something vintage, which is a big part of my inspiration when I go shopping for clothes. I really enjoyed creating this arrangement with the purple irises flanking each side of the vase, just like the sunglasses.”


Sunglasses Mothers Day Flowers

“I picked these Chloé  sunglasses because they reminded me of a Spring sunrise. Spring is such a wonderful time to be a florist. Everything is in bloom and in its perfect natural state. The color palette went perfectly with some of my favorite florals, such as light pink ranunculus, sage air plant, and cream hydrangea.”


Sunglasses Flowers Mothers Day Image

“I loved these sunglasses and the concept of ‘rose colored.’ Being happy and trying to stay positive is important to me. I picked in-season flowers that evoked those feelings, such as Coral Peonies, purple Irises, and pink and dark burgundy Ranunculus.”


“There is so much beauty around us, and healthy vision allows us to experience it more fully,” said La Raye. “It is something that can be easily taken for granted, but each time I see these flowers come to life, it’s a reminder of the importance of healthy eyes.”

We are loving La Raye’s eyewear-inspired arrangements. You can follow her work on her Instagram page.

For more spring-inspired eyewear, be sure to check out Eyeconic to find your perfect pair of frames for the season. Or visit your local network eye doctor.



  • Angela Ford says:

    I just picked up my flowered designed frames by Bebe. Im loving them!

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