Fall Fashion Must-Haves for 2017, and the Eyewear to Go With It

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Fashionistas are still recovering from the revelry of New York Fashion Week, and as they share the latest and greatest from the runways it’s important to remember that they’re looking six months ahead. Fall collections were presented months ago. But don’t worry because we’ve put together a refresher crash course for you just in time for pumpkin spice latte season.

Scroll through to see what the must-have fashion trends are and the sunglasses or eyeglasses you’ll be craving to have to pull your entire Fall ensemble together.

Trend: Red and Ready
Fall Fashion Red and Ready

The fiery hue has been dubbed the official color of the Fall 2017 season. From bright cherry to brick, the vibrant color has dominated the runway all season long. Fight the fire with these oversized crimson shades or complete a red-to-toe look with these garnet animal print specs.

Trend: Chocolate Brown

Fall Fashion chocolate brown
Brown is the new black. Once a color of the early 2000s and then never to be seen again, this rich color is making a comeback. Creamy, smooth, and downright delectable, the chocolate brown palette graced the runways at Joseph and Emilio Pucci. Get down with brown with these vintage-inspired sunglasses with a plunging brow or these quirky rounded number laced together with a thin metal framing.

Trend: Jewel-tone Velvets

Fall Fashion Jewel Tone velvet

Designers like Stella McCartney and Dior have a mad crush on velvets, but not just any velvet will do. Color is everything. As daylight saving time begins, the days get gloomier, and the weather begins to chill, we’re counting on moody jewel tones to brighten up our day. Amethyst, sapphire, and emerald–even the names of these colors ooze sophistication and richness. Step up your style this season with these ultra-glam sunglasses in crystal teal or these paisley patterned rounds in translucent plum.

Trend: Boxy Silhouettes

Fall Fashion Boxy Silhouette
This fall, the fashion gods have decided it’s time to dump the boyfriend silhouettes and level up to oversized menswear. We’re talking chiseled edges and strong shoulders for bold, boxy silhouettes similar to those spotted on the runway at Alexander Wang and Saint Laurent. Think inside the box this season with these strong yet feminine square suns or these soft angular specs adorned with mini studs.

Trend: Space Age

Fall Fashion Future is Now
Spring and summer featured an 80s glam comeback, but this fall, we’re hitting the fast-forward button into the space age. From the runway to the red carpet, it’s clear—the future is now, and if you’re not sporting slinky silvers and glittering metallic yet, you can consider yourself officially so yesterday. Try the intergalactic trend without looking like the tin man by complimenting your outfit with geometric accessories like these glamorous oversized frames with lace detailing or these translucent round frames that are truly out of this world.

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  • Jody Abney says:

    Glad that these colors are here. Some of the colors are my favorite to wear!! So loving the Red and Ready and the Chocolate Brown outfits. Love the accessories and the stylish sunglasses chosen to go with all of the outfits. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sherry Rudolph says:

    The purple was interesting to bring back some memory of early school year pictures for winter colors they look OK, red wash also hot being in the season

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