Five Eyewear Trends for the New Year

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Thinking about freshening up your wardrobe for the new year? Why not start by giving your eyewear a makeover. Check out these five eyewear trends to start the new year in style.

Pop of Color

Brighten up your ensemble with a pop of color. These round feminine frames in blush are subtle enough for everyday wear or can be played up with matching clothing and accessories. Shop the eyewear.

These matte amber tortoise frames with a keyhole bridge give a modern take on classic colorways keeping your outfit as versatile as you are. If you want to go a little bolder, add patterned socks to your outfit for an additional pop of color and touch of personality. Shop the eyewear.

Geo Shapes

See the world through a new perspective with unique lens shapes. They can be worn with just about anything and pair nicely with complementary style elements such as geometric patterns or angular designs. Shop the sunglasses or similar optical style.

Shape in a Shape

Go bold with this playful eyewear trend of a shape in a shape. The use of negative space reinvents traditional frame shapes for a bold and alluring look. Shop the sunglasses.

Vintage Revival

Keep it classic with vintage revival. With its definitive frame shape and rich materials, these sunglasses are reminiscent of old Hollywood and can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. Shop the sunglasses or a similar optical style.

Mix timeless feminine frame shapes with modern clothing details such as a glamorous pantsuit for an updated look. Shop the eyewear. Shop the eyewear.


Whether heading out for a long run or running around town, athleisure remains a go-to fashion trend for both men and women. Protect your eyes from the elements with these lightweight wrap-around sunglasses. Shop the sunglasses.

Watch as VSP network eye doctor and fashionista, Dr. Arian Fartash aka the Glamoptometrist takes us through each of these looks in a quick overview of all the eyewear trends.

Find a VSP network provider near you or shop to find your next favorite pair of eyewear.

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