Flexon Introduces New Traction Series Frames

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Flexon Eyewear fits, feels and forgives like no other metal frame on the market. Flexon is built with impeccable craftsmanship and technology. Are your glasses flexible enough for your lifestyle?

Flexon Eyewear introduced two new frames to its Traction Series that features Flexon memory metal in the bridge and temples. Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, the Traction Series seamlessly combines comfort with durability.

Take a closer look at the newest additions.

Flexon E1044

Flexon E1044 features a flat metal front with four bold color options. The open cut out temple design features diamond plated temple tips for the optimal wearing experience.

Shop the look on Eyeconic.com or find a doctor near you who carries Flexon.


Flexon E1046

Flexon E1046 full rim frame combines classic style with comfort and durability. The temples feature an open cut out design, while the diamond plated temple tips feature four bold color options.

Shop the look on Eyeconic.com or find a doctor near you who carries Flexon.

Enter to Win

Like what you see? Enter for your chance to win a pair of Flexon frames here. Four (4) winners total! See full terms and conditions here.



  • Danita Mahler says:

    Wow….these look cool!

  • Michael Ensminger says:

    I have a pair of flexons that have great milage in tennis matches, the new ones look fun

  • Edwin says:

    They are beautiful!


    Looking good !!

  • Brad Kio says:

    i like the look of the frames.

  • Deborah A. Ankrom says:

    I am interested in Flexon frames.

  • Wayne Hall says:

    Would love to have a pair of Flexon eyeglasses

  • Anda Cochran says:

    I like these very much. Always looking for light frames.

  • George Seltzer says:

    nice looking

  • Adam Bennett says:

    These Flexon glasses are beautiful!

  • I would love, Love, 💕 these glasses!

  • brenda rogers says:

    So stylish!

  • Carla Stricklin says:

    These would be perfect for me! I have two large ‘puppies’ that are my babies, and they are always jumping up and knocking my glasses for a loop!

  • alexander Macgregor says:

    When it comes to durability, flexon wrote the book

  • I need to have you continue send me all news coming up.

  • David says:

    That’s cool!!!

  • Jonathan B says:

    Great looking, nice idea.

  • AMY F QUAN says:

    The Flexon styles are all very trendy and sharp looking. The Flexon frames flex for better comfort

  • Calshondra Williams says:

    I’d love to win this fashionable comfortable Flexon glasses. Comfort is always my problem and these look comfortable and durable. Fingers crossed for the win. Thanks so much for the opportunity and chance.

  • Judy Thompson says:

    Beautiful love them <3

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