These Floatable Sunglasses are Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

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It’s more than likely you’ll be finding yourself at a body of water at some point this summer, whether it be a family vacation to the beach, a day trip to the lake or a relaxing afternoon by the pool.

And while your UV-blocking eyewear is an important summer essential, you can make an extra splash this season with sunglasses that protect your eyes—and float in the water.

VSP featured frame brand Dragon Alliance is making waves with its H20 Floatable Collection—its first ever line of floating sunglasses. See the sunnies in action in this video clip:

Blending fashion with function and worn by world-renowned big wave surfer Shane Dorian, Dragon’s H20 Floatable Collection was made for men and women who enjoy an active lifestyle in and around the water.

The company paired three of its most popular styles with a specially formulated injected frame designed to stay afloat in the ocean, pool or lake. Now you’ll never have to worry about losing your shades in the water again!

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  • Eugene Rayhart says:

    I was wondering if you have prescription sun glasses that float. I believe these floatable glasses will really come in handy.

    • Tracy T. says:

      Hi Eugene – unfortunately, Dragon doesn’t make floatable prescription sunglasses due to the heavy lenses. Thanks for asking! -Tracy, VSP

  • Lisa Meyer says:

    What a fantastic idea! I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses in the Atlantic Ocean two years ago. Somewhere off the coast of Florida is a very cool looking dolphin wearing my shades!

  • henrietta says:

    Do these floatable sunglesses work with prescriptions?

    • Tracy T. says:

      Good question, Henrietta. Right now they are not available in prescription because the lenses would be too heavy. But other models are available in prescription. Thanks for checking! -Tracy, VSP

  • Dennis Anuszewski says:

    Floating Sunglasses, what a great idea.

  • Felix says:

    very nice

  • Jerry Foster says:

    Do you have a flotable frame with an ANSI Z87.1 rating. If so, is it available with perscription lenses? Help me out here. I’m desperate.

  • Andrew says:

    Here’s an idea.. wear some croakies that have a float on them!

    • Jerry Foster says:

      If you like croakies, go right ahead. But I work for a living. Thus,I would prefer the floating frames so I don’t have to mess with another item.

  • Randy says:

    Will my VSP pay for a pair of these

    • Tracy T. says:

      Hi Randy – it depends on your plan and if it covers non-prescription sunglasses. As of right now, you can purchase them directly from Dragon Alliance since this new collection isn’t widely available at doctors offices yet. -Tracy, VSP

  • Bobert says:

    Can these be worn over prescription glasses?

    • Tracy T. says:

      Hi Bobert – Depending on the size of your prescription glasses, these may be able to be worn over them. But for them to fit the best, we recommend wearing them on their own. Thanks for asking! -Tracy, VSP

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