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Wearables have proven to be a lasting trend, with many fitness bands, smart watches and even smart clothing on the market. Most wearable technology will track your activity, distance and calories burned, but what if your device could do more? What if it could help others while still taking care of your health?

More than two billion people worldwide lack access to proper eye care. With Level smart glasses you can help by giving the gift of sight to someone in need – simply by putting on your glasses and walking. The smart glasses use activity-tracking technology seamlessly embedded inside the temple of the frame. Fashionable yet functional frame designs allow you to track your step count, calories burned and distance traveled.

So how do Level users give back? It’s quite simple! As users reach daily step goals, they accrue points. Once a certain number of points is achieved, the user can donate a comprehensive eye exam and prescription glasses to someone in need.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Track Your Activity Using Level
    • Your daily step count is tracked in the Level app.
  • Step 2: Reach Your Goals to Earn Points
    • As you hit your daily step goal, you’ll accrue a point. Hit a stretch goal? Another point.
  • Step 3: Earning 50pts = Automatic Donation
    • Every time you hit 50 points, VSP Global Eyes of Hope will donate an eye exam and prescription glasses on your behalf to someone in need. You can choose if your donation goes to a veteran, child, senior or a person affected by homelessness.
  • Step 4: Stay Motivated
    • By helping yourself become more active, you’ll help others too.

Smart Glasses

Level’s charitable giving component is made possible through VSP Global Eyes of Hope, which supports local communities around the globe by providing access to eye care, eyewear and disaster relief, where they’re needed most.

Give back to others and take care of your health with Level. Find Level smart glasses near you. The Level app is now available for iOS and Android devices.

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