Glasses For Noah Reminds Us That Glasses Are Cool

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How do you feel about glasses?

4-year-old Noah Fisher, was far from excited about getting his first pair of specs. He was afraid people would laugh at him, so his mom, Lindsey, turned to social media to show Noah just how cool glasses really are!

The response was great, more than 85,000 people have  “liked” the Glasses for Noah Facebook page.  People from all over the world have shared supportive messages and photos on the page, ranging from selfies, to pictures of  kids, soldiers and even pets in glasses. Noah, now sports his glasses with pride! Check out his adorable interview from the Today show.

Getting glasses can be an adjustment at any age, but can be more difficult for school–age children looking to fit in. Perhaps that is why parents are turning to their communities both online and locally in effort to show how fun wearing glasses can be, such as by creating community events like the Great Glasses Play Day. VSP offers free resources parents can share with their children to get them excited for their eye exam like this free printable storybook, Marcy’s First Eye Exam and vision related coloring sheets.  Dr. Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, also has some great tips for parents to help make wearing glasses a positive experience.

With all the stylish frames and lens technology we can’t help but agree, glasses are really cool!

Tell us why you think it’s cool to wear glasses on Twitter using #ILoveMyGlasses @VSPVisionCare.

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