Halloween Makeup Tricks

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With Halloween around the corner, it’s about time to get creative with some fun costumes! Halloween is the perfect time to try some daring and bold eye makeup that you would never get away with walking around the office or grocery store.  You can easily turn an ordinary costume into something spectacular with the right type of eye makeup.  Mix and match bright colors, glitter, over-the-top lashes, prosthetic pieces and dark liner to transform into a completely different person. Whether you are going for a scary, glamorous, or character costume–make sure that your eyes are dressed for the occasion!

Fun Ideas:

Create an animal print pattern around your eyes to bring out your wild side.

Get cartoon-looking eyes by painting animated eye shapes over your entire eyelid.  Your second set of eyes is revealed when you blink.

Use metallic shadows and intense eyeliner to create an exotic look.  Match your shadows with a dangling headpiece to look like Egyptian royalty.

Smear dark colors and fake blood around your eyes to look like you jumped straight out of a horror film. If you are more advanced, you can use prosthetic pieces to make your wounds look more realistic.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use an eyelid primer or concealer on your lids underneath your eye shadow to keep your colors bright and lasting all night!
  • Use cosmetic grade glitter to keep your eyelids safe from scratches. (Can be found at beauty supply and costume stores)
  • Allow your eyelash glue to set on the false lash for about 20 seconds before applying to your lash line.  This allows the glue to get “tacky” and stick to your lid properly.
  • Use makeup wipes or makeup remover to wipe off heavy makeup prior to washing your face.

For more ideas to get ready for Halloween, check out our Halloween board on Pinterest.  

This is a guest post by VSP employee, Ashley Caldwell. Photo from makeupgeek.com by Grether Remedios.

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