Happy National Sunglasses Day

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We know you look cool in your favorite sunglasses all year long, but isn’t it nice there’s a designated day for showcasing them? Today is National Sunglasses Day!

The cool factor aside, Dr. Kerry Beebe, O.D., gives his patients a few other reasons – health and comfort — when explaining why they should wear sunglasses.

We have one more for you: wearing sunglasses makes you more attractive.

It’s true.  At least that’s what Vanessa Brown, Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University asserts in her recently published book, Cool Shades: The History and Meaning of Sunglasses. She also says wearing shades will make you look more mysterious and, therefore, more intriguing.

This doesn’t negate the need for functionality, however, as you do want to protect those peepers and keep that harmful solar radiation away.

So, what should kind of sunglasses should you look for when you’re in the market for a new model?

Dr. Beebe advises, “People should always look for sunglasses that block out 99 percent of ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays.” Therefore, the UV’s should not have it.

We think there’s something else you should look for on this day that pays homage to the outdoors and fun in the sun: a nice, cool place to sit, relax, and flaunt those gorgeously framed sunglasses.

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This is a guest post by VSP employee, Diane D.


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  • Donna Petty says:

    I Just Love Shades, but I ALWAYS Pick Ugly Ones… She Gwts Them And They Look Great!!! What’s The Deal? I’m Hoping To Win A Pair That Will Look Teriffic!! Thank You For The Oppertunity.

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