A Life-Changing Health Diagnosis Left Jenn Scrambling

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Jenn was used to having annual eye exams because she had vision insurance from her employer. She never had to think about what would happen if she suddenly found herself without coverage. In the early 2000’s, that changed when Jenn was diagnosed with Lyme disease and could not continue working due to the disease and the neurological problems it caused. In her new reality, Jenn found herself paying for all her medical expenses out-of-pocket.

Since Lyme disease affects the optic nerve with increased swelling, Jenn experienced major vision changes; and, with an existing astigmatism, she was concerned she wouldn’t be able to get proper eye care due to financial concerns. Jenn was pleasantly surprised when she learned she could enroll in VSP Individual Vision Plans at an affordable price. She also was able to find an eye doctor who could partner with her neurologist to provide the comprehensive care she needed.

One of the things Jenn was most excited about was getting a new pair of glasses. Since she hadn’t had vision coverage in years, she hadn’t been able to get new glasses. When she went in for her eye exam, she was excited to see the frame selection. “I was very happy to get a new pair of frames that I liked and fit my vision needs,” said Jenn. She continued, “Getting to have a choice in something helped me feel confident.”

Jenn was so pleased with the care she’s received, she enrolled in coverage for next year. “I would highly recommend VSP Individual Vision Plans to friends and family who find themselves without coverage – the combination of something that is both inexpensive and easy to use is something you don’t typically find.”

For more information on VSP Individual Plans, visit vspdirect.com.

This is a guest blog post by VSP employee, Lindsey Fostinis.

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  • TTM says:

    There’s no question VSP is the finest in vision insurance. Eye care is very pricey and it ought to be with lens technology let alone designer frames. I had state vision insurance before I got a job that offered VSP. Honestly I don’t know how you do it for a exceptionally affordable pay period contribution. I get 60% more coverage on my eye care than the pittance I got from my wife’s plan

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