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Happiness and Hope for Children in Puerto Rico

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One in four children on the island of Puerto Rico has a vision issue and one-third need some type of visual correction, like glasses. Patients at the San Jorge Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico are also dealing with critical illness and the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

As part of ongoing disaster relief efforts, VSP Global, in partnership with the Inter American University of Puerto Rico College of Optometry, joined dozens of GLAM4GOOD volunteers to help.

“Our patients need help, happiness and hope,” said Urania Dominguez, Child Life Specialist at San Jorge Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico.

Nearly 200 pediatric patients, their families and the hospital staff received eye care and eyewear, in addition to clothing, accessories, toys and learning tools. Of the patients who received an eye exam, nearly 70% needed prescription glasses!

Watch their stories below.

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