Helping Close the Gap in Access to Eye Care

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In the United States, around 46.5 million households are not covered by a vision plan and do not have vision insurance offered by an employer. And for some households, the distance to get to an eye doctor can also be a challenge. A great example is Chester, PA.

Just south of Philadelphia, along the Delaware River, sits the town of Chester. Settled in 1644 and the oldest city in Pennsylvania, Chester is home to 35,000 residents. Among those residents is one eye doctor’s office.

Yes…only one.

That’s 70,000 eyes.

One eye care practice.

Recognizing the need in Chester, VSP Global partnered with doctors to help close the gap in access to eye care and eyewear. In 2010, VSP Global started bringing the VSP Mobile Eyes clinic to the City of Chester and in 2012 adopted the City of Chester to help increase access to care.

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This year we partnered with Pennsylvania College of Optometry at  Salus University doctors and students, and the City of Chester to provide access to no-cost eye exams and glasses for children and adults in need. Salus faculty, recent graduates, and students of optometry volunteered their time and expertise to provide the no-cost comprehensive eye exams at this event, while VSP Global supplied the eyewear.

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Seeing your eye doctor each year for a comprehensive eye exam is critical not only to your eye health, but your overall health as well. Through an eye exam, your eye doctor can even detect chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, often before other symptoms arise.

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The city of Chester is dear to our hearts and we know there are even more communities out there that lack access to eye care. For more about ways VSP Global is working with optometrists to help close the gap, visit


This is a guest post by VSP employee Ryan W.



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  • I would like to say that it is a very good initiative to provide quality eye care and solutions of eye problems to the people. Great work!

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