How Come My Vision Changed After I Had a Baby?

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It’s no secret, your body goes through some major changes during pregnancy. A lesser known fact is some expecting women experience vision changes pre-and post-partum.

How come my vision changed after I had a baby?

Approximately 20 percent of women experience this, according to Arian Fartash, OD. “The reason is because a lot of hormone changes go on when you’re pregnant.”

Hormones play a significant role in fluid retention so when estrogen levels are elevated, women tend to retain more water than usual. Just as many women will experience swollen feet, your eyes can swell too which could cause vision changes. The fluid retention can change the shape of the cornea which changes the way light passes through the eye, distorting one’s vision.

“It starts at the beginning of pregnancy, when your hormones are going all over the place,” said Dr. Fartash.

Your vision may return to normal once the hormones level out, but you could also experience the change permanently.

Dr. Fartash explains what you should do if you notice vision changes when you’re expecting in this episode of #AskAnEyeDoc:

Whether you’re pregnant or not, you should consult with your eye doctor if you notice any changes in your vision. Don’t have an eye doctor? Use our Find a Doctor tool for a quick and easy way to locate your nearest VSP network provider.

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