When Waters Rise: Jacqueline’s Story

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“That’s how the human race works, you continuously help people, and they pay it forward, and pay it forward, and pay it forward.” – Jacqueline Shipley

With her family to care for, a job she considers her second home, and tremendous heart for her community, Jacqueline Shipley, Houston local and VSP Global employee, was one of many people affected by the devastating floods from Hurricane Harvey last year.

“It hit Friday night,” she said, “and after a couple of hours when the water was rising, my husband looked at me and I said, ‘let’s take the kids and just go’. I was more worried about my kids getting swept away because the current was really strong.”

Despite the severe circumstances during and after the floods, Jacqueline remained focused on her community.

“For every bad thing that happened, there were two good things. People were helping each other no matter what color you were, what language you spoke, it was another person, another human being in need,” she said.

Hurricane Harvey

Amidst caring for her own family during and after the flood, Jacqueline was also one of 38 VSP Global employees who volunteered on the VSP Global Eyes of Hope* mobile eye care clinic that was sent to help people in need gain access to eye care or obtain replacement glasses following the floods from Hurricane Harvey.

“The mobile clinic and the people that volunteer, make it possible to give access to eye care and eyewear back to people that have been affected by a natural disaster,” she said.

In honor of all those affected by Hurricane Harvey, we’re sharing Jacqueline’s powerful story:


* The Eyes of Hope Mobile Clinics Program was originally created in the aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina and Rita. We support and partner with VSP network doctors who have been affected, and together with our employees, we work alongside each other to support people in need, especially after a disaster.


  • Lori Fanning says:

    Jacqueline was a pleasure to work with. Even though she was having a crisis at her home she came and worked on the mobile clinic every day at the NRA center. I was so impressed by all the VSP Houston employees and the care that they gave each and every one of the people who came to get glasses. Thank you for your help. Lori

  • Juanita C. Findley says:

    Daddy would be so proud of you my sweet baby sister. I know I am. ❤

  • RE says:

    At VSP, we do great to do good in the community.

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