How Do You Keep Your Lenses Clean and from Fogging Up?

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Make sure to keep lenses clean on your glasses, as it’s not only important for personal hygiene (I mean they do sit on your face all day!), but it’s the best way to make sure they provide the clearest vision and stay in great shape.

How do you keep lenses clean and keep glasses from fogging up?

That’s a two-part question my friend, so let’s break it down.

Part 1

Keeping your glasses clean—sounds easy enough, right? But according to VSP network eye doctor Mei Fleming, there are plenty of no-no’s to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your glasses.

First, let’s go over the proper way to clean those spectacles.

  1. Run your glasses through cold water.
  2. Then use a mild dishwashing liquid soap to rub onto your lenses.
  3. Rinse your glasses under a gentle stream of water.
  4. Carefully, dry your glasses using a soft lens cloth.

Dr. Fleming reminds us to not use our shirt, no matter how tempting it might be; stay away from harsh chemicals; and, definitely don’t use spit.”

“Every once in a while, you can stop by your local doctor’s office for a deep clean in an ultra-sonic cleaner,” suggested Dr. Fleming. “That’ll get under those yellow-green nose pads.”

Part 2

As for fogging, Dr. Fleming says this happens when there’s a sudden change in temperature. This is especially true during the winter months when cold weather mixes with the warmer temperature of your body.

“Try adjusting your glasses so they sit farther away from your face,” suggests Dr. Fleming. “You can also ask your doctor about anti-fog wipes or sprays that may be helpful.”


  • Bruce says:

    The sentence that follows has a grammatical error in the form of a split infinitive, “to not use.” Dr. Fleming reminds us to not use our shirt, no matter how tempting it might be; stay away from harsh chemicals; and, definitely don’t use spit.”

  • Nancy says:

    This information is very helpful. Thank You!

  • Patricia says:

    What is the best way to keep lens cloths clean? If washing them works, do so by hand or in the washing machine? In hot or cold water? Use any detergent or only mild soap? Is hand-washing them with a bar of Ivory soap in cold water okay? How often? Thank you!

  • Sharon says:

    Even when I clean them correctly they don’t stay clean long at all. The moistened wipes help a little but I have to clean my glasses multiple times all day. And yeah, the question about keeping lens cloths clean is a good one – they seem to get dirty after using just a few times.

  • Sheri says:

    Very informative thank you…

  • Sheri says:

    Useful and informative info… Appreciate it.

  • I appreciate your tips on keeping glasses from fogging up. It is good to know not to use your shirt to clean them off. My son recently got glasses. I will have to mention this to him and look into getting a soft cloth for him to use instead.

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