The Light-Reactive Lenses You Don’t Have to Wait For

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Nowadays, buying anything online with more than 2-day shipping is too long. A recipe that takes more than 30 minutes? Forget about it. Can’t watch the entire TV series at the click of a button? Not interested. Everywhere we look, life is all about the need for speed—so why should it be any different when it comes to your light-reactive lenses?

In the past, those who wore light-reactive lenses had to wait anywhere from seven to 10 minutes for their darkened lenses to go back to clear inside. Those days are over. Thanks to groundbreaking technology, SunSync Elite Light-Reactive Lenses change from dark to clear in seconds. Reheating leftovers takes longer than that!

We asked three light-reactive lens newbies to share their first experience with SunSync Elite, and they all mentioned their excitement over the ultra-fast fade-back speed. But that’s just the beginning of what makes these lenses the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Dr. Mei Fleming, VSP network eye doctor in Lafayette, Calif. and creator of Eye Like Fashion blog, personally took SunSync Elite for a spin. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What was your first reaction to wearing SunSync Elite?

Dr. Fleming: I was very surprised at how fast SunSync Elite lenses turned from dark to clear. I’m used to other light-reactive lenses that take a long time to change so I was really impressed.

Q: What were you most excited about with SunSync Elite?
Dr. Fleming: I was most excited to see how my SunSync Elite lenses would hold up during a full day of strolling through the city. After having Easter brunch with my family, we decided to take a walk around San Francisco. I was carrying my 15-month old niece when we walked out of the restaurant and right as I thought about switching into my sunglasses, my SunSync Elite lenses had already darkened. As we strolled in and out of stores that afternoon, I didn’t notice when and how long it took for my lenses to darken or turn clear. It all happened very quickly and seamlessly. I loved not having to fumble through my purse and switch glasses all afternoon. It was especially nice not to feel like I was wearing sunglasses indoors.

Q: What are the benefits of SunSync Elite for patients?
Dr. Fleming: The nice thing about SunSync Elite is patients can avoid having their vision dimmed and darkened while waiting for their lenses to turn clear. The lenses also provide 100% UV protection and blue light filtration to reduce eye strain from the sun and digital devices.

Q: Why is it important to have lenses with both 100% UV protection and targeted blue light filtration?
Dr. Fleming: 100% UV protection is important 100% of the time as it may help to prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, ocular sunburns, and skin cancer. Blue light filtration is also important because all of our digital devices emit blue light, which can contribute to eye strain and fatigue.

Q: For what type of patient would you recommend this type of lens?
Dr. Fleming: I would recommend SunSync Elite to everyone. The convenience and how fantastic the technology is going from dark to clear lenses is something everyone can enjoy. This lens is especially great for patients who constantly move from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. They would also be a good fit for patients who have a tendency to lose their glasses or for those who don’t want to carry multiple pairs of eyewear. One consolidated pair of glasses eliminates fumbling around for, switching, and carrying multiple pairs of eyewear.

Q: What would you tell a patient who tried light-reactive lenses in the past but didn’t like them because they took too long to change?
Dr. Fleming: I used to warn my patients about the time it took for light-reactive lenses to go back to clear indoors. The technology in SunSync Elite, however, is completely different from older generation light-reactive lenses and offers a completely different experience.

Ready for your pair of SunSync Elite?
Be prepared this summer and ask your VSP network eye doctor about SunSync Elite and if it might be right for you.

This post is sponsored by SunSync Elite. 


  • Matt says:

    What do you recommend for people who work second shift and suffer from night blindness?

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Matt,
      I’d recommend discussing your eyewear needs with an eye doctor to help determine which lens options are a good fit for your lifestyle. If you don’t already have an eye doctor, you can find one near you by using the Find a Doctor search on or by calling customer care at 800.877.7195.
      -Angelina F., VSP

  • Genie Roach says:

    Love that models glasses. Do you have the style number and name?

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