Love Makes a Family, #AdoptionDay

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A family portrait seems like a simple memento to most, but to nine families across New York City it was one of many ‘firsts’ to come.

VSP Global partnered with GLAM4GOOD to bring families with their recently adopted children together to get free eye care and eyewear, as well as take part in GLAM4GOOD’s signature “shopping spree for free.” After getting all glammed up with hair and makeup and picking out stylish pieces, the day culminated with their first family portrait.

Adoption Day

The day marked an important milestone for the recently adopted children beyond the photoshoot.

“It’s a celebration of these kids, who they are, how important they are in everybody’s lives and how appreciated they are,” said Van Lee, an adoptive father who attended the event. “It makes them realize that they are an important part of the whole family network.”

Adoption Day

As part of the experience, VSP network eye doctors provided free eye exams. For some of the children and families, it was the first time they had ever received a comprehensive eye exam and more than 75% ended up needing glasses.

“Vision care is important for everyone, but it can be especially significant for an adoptive child whose health history may not be easily accessible to their forever family,” said VSP network doctor, Irine Shiyan, OD. “Through an eye exam we can assess the health of your eyes as well as your overall health and therefore can detect signs of inherited diseases that might have otherwise gone undetected.”

Adoption Day

Julie Farber, Deputy Commissioner, City of New York Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), stated the ACS has about 9,000 children in foster care on any given day. ACS shares they are so grateful for the New Yorkers who stepped forward to become foster and adoptive parents but say there are still many more children looking for their forever homes.

Watch more of #AdoptionDay below:

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