Meet Dr. Keith Smithson

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Dr. Keith Smithson is a husband, father of three and an optometrist in Northern Virginia. Providing vision care is something that is now so deeply rooted in Dr. Smithson’s identity, but optometry wasn’t something he always saw in his future. As a multi-sport athlete growing up, he loved being in the middle of all of the action.

“The neat thing was really finding out that my physical limitations were probably not going to take me to the NBA,” Dr. Smithson said with a chuckle.

After a high school biology class turned him onto eye health, he decided to combine his two passions. Upon graduation from optometry school, he pursued a position at Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry. The practice would afford him the unique opportunity to work with athletes on their vision care needs. Now working with seven professional sports teams in the greater Washington D.C area, see how Dr. Smithson’s unexpected career path is helping other kids in their pursuits on and off the field.

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