Meet Dr. Keith Smithson

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Dr. Keith Smithson is a husband, father of three and an optometrist in Northern Virginia. Providing vision care is something that is now so deeply rooted in Dr. Smithson’s identity, but optometry wasn’t something he always saw in his future. As a multi-sport athlete growing up, he loved being in the middle of all of the action.

“The neat thing was really finding out that my physical limitations were probably not going to take me to the NBA,” Dr. Smithson said with a chuckle.

After a high school biology class turned him onto eye health, he decided to combine his two passions. Upon graduation from optometry school, he pursued a position at Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry. The practice would afford him the unique opportunity to work with athletes on their vision care needs. Now working with seven professional sports teams in the greater Washington D.C area, see how Dr. Smithson’s unexpected career path is helping other kids in their pursuits on and off the field.


  • Lela says:

    Maybe you only work with children, but I’m desperate to find out something. I’m 65 and have dealt with tons of floaters for many decades. I can’t really say whether I’ve gotten any new ones or not, because the many I’ve had move around and change shapes.
    They really do affect my vision everywhere, especially when reading. Why is there nothing at all to correct this aggravation? I have a friend my age that has had some blood clots in the eye, and they have easily removed them by way of suction with a needle into the
    eye. Why can’t they use the same method to remove floaters???!!! I can hardly stand it anymore and the older I get, the more fatigueing it is to my eyes. Please give me some advice.

  • Jim McLaughlin says:

    Im a runner, biker & swimmer. Is it better to wear contacts or prescription shades for biking, running and other outdoor sports?

  • AUDREY BROWN says:

    what is the address to the company so i dcan pay my next months bill

  • Patricia T Smith says:

    I have a condition called Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome, it is so severe, no over the counter or prescription drops would help it. Doctor says it is almost like my immune system is attacking my eyes. Severe blurring, fading vision, spots, burning, itching. The really bad thing is I only have vision in one eye. They have come out with a NEW procedure using your own blood to make a serum that is like drops that you put in your eyes, But it is very, very expensive and the insurance will not cover it due to it is experimental at the current time. I am talking almost $500.00 per month. Isn’t there some kind of coverage VSP could offer to try and save someones vision with this type of procedure? It would be beneficial to a lot of people. Just asking.

  • Richard says:

    Can depth perception be fixed through vision therapy?

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