Meet Dr. Arian Fartash

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Dr. Arian Fartash – known as Ari to those close to her – is an optometrist who splits her time between San Francisco and Corona, California.

Her days are filled with seeing patients, traveling, keeping up with the latest eyewear trends, and looking after her Pomeranian Sarah, who has over two thousand followers on Instagram. Dr. Fartash has a large fan base on Instagram herself, with over 15,600 followers. They love her colorful, fun photos that combine her passion for fashion and eye health. Dr. Fartash represents a new breed of optometrists who are harnessing the power of social media to educate the general public about eye health and the importance of annual eye exams.

We sat down with Dr. Fartash to talk about her life and career as a part of our “Love at First Sight” video series, where we spotlight optometrists around the country.

Here is her story.

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