Men’s Health Week

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Guys. Listen up. Tell me if I’m wrong.

We often have a hard time admitting our weaknesses. Competitiveness, pride, one-upmanship. Whatever the reason, we don’t always admit when there’s something wrong, including when it comes to our health.

But it’s Men’s Health Week, and Men’s Health Month; so take the time to get your overall health checked, including your eye health.

Men’s Health Conditions

When I was young, my dad drove me everywhere. But as we aged, I noticed he was hesitant to drive us after dark. He never said why. I’m not his eye doctor, but I wonder if it may have been due to a problem with his night vision. And a night vision problem is just one of many eye conditions—like macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts—that may increase as we age.

Some of the top men’s health issues include heart disease, stroke, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease. Healthy lifestyle choices can help lower your risk for these conditions, however to best take control of your health, it is important to make informed decisions by consulting with your doctor.

A comprehensive eye exam can help with early detection of both eye diseases and common health conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Schedule an eye exam with your VSP eye doctor as part of your preventative healthcare routine.

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Check out the answers to the Top Five Questions Men Asked  About Their Eyes.

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