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Tips on Bringing Your Child to Work

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I asked my 4-year-old, “When mommy goes to work, what do you think I do all day long?” Her response was, “You play and take naps.” Oh, how I wish that was true!

Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work” occurs on Thursday, April 25, 2013. This national celebration was founded by Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation for Women in 1993. The holiday was originally called “Take Our Daughter to Work,” but it was changed in 2003 to include boys. The day aims to address self-esteem issues and combat gender stereotypes. It was also intentionally titled “Take Our Sons & Daughters to Work” to encourage people to think outside the box and invite a child from a foster home, a grandchild or a niece/nephew who may not be exposed to such professional atmospheres.

VSP Vision Care has participated for the past decade and incorporates fun activities for adults and children throughout the day that highlight the company’s culture.  As part of this year’s festivities, young visitors to the VSP headquarters will participate in a Q&A session with special guest and NBA star Tyreke Evans, who plays for the Sacramento Kings while teaming up with VSP to promote the importance of eyecare. Follow the action on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

Also, share a picture on Instagram of your son or daughter visiting your office, mentioning @VSPVisionCare!  We will choose one winner to receive a free autographed item from Evans!

I look forward to the day when I can bring each of my girls to work and show them what I do. Below are tips to remember when bringing your child (or someone else’s) to work.


  • Think about what you will involve your child in … ahead of time
  • Talk to your kids beforehand and lay out the ground rules
  • Look at the day from a child’s perspective. What would interest them?


  • Don’t ignore your kids, even if you are busy
  • Don’t just have your kids shadow you, but make sure they are engaged
  • Don’t expect the day to go perfectly!




  • debbie richardson says:

    I’m confused Pam, did you write this article or did Alexandra G write it. It
    sounds like your writing. Did you take Sierra & JC to work with you? If you did I bet that was very interesting.

  • Thank you for this wonderful article! It is worthy of great attention from parents. I believe that The child should love work from childhood, to when he will grow, he was successful person, which never will lazy. I also believe that it is important for parents to teach their child to love learning, because it will help your child from an early age to develop intellectually. I think that such articles as this, should not be left without attention, and I will advise this article to my friends who have children. I hope you will continue to share this type of content.

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