Four Must-Have Glasses Inspired by the 2019 Award Season

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It’s the time of year where we all wait to see what looks will cross the historical red carpets of La La Land for the 2019 award season. As usual, the award season kicked off with dramatic looks from some of our favorite iconic celebrities. While they dazzle us with their inspiring gowns and ensembles, we sit patiently and wait for the bold choices in eyewear to blaze new trails for the year to come. Here are our four favorite trends inspired by what we’ve seen so far this award season.

2019 Award Season

Clear and Round Glasses

Smooth, circular lines with a modern, clear look are gracing the faces of our favorite style icons. The clear frame continues to grow in popularity since becoming a staple color choice in recent years. Now, combined with the now-popular round shape, this style is a win for anyone looking to step outside of the expected and into the world of show-stopping glasses.

2019 Award Season

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For this look, we chose the Nike 7113 frames from Eyeconic. These frames are not only red-carpet ready but also built for endurance. What else would you expect from Nike but a frame that marries the world of athleticism and fashion?

Attention-Grabbing Patterns with Metal Accents

Mixed media are for more than your interior design passions. We’re seeing beautiful combinations of metal and acetate (plastic) frames make their way through the flashing lights. With bold patterns on the rise, the best way to elevate a fun frame is to incorporate a strong metal bridge and arms. For this look we’re gasping over the CK8061 frames below.

2019 Award Season

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Calvin Klein is revamping their style to embrace modern looks with traditional themes. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve also found a way to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to the materials they use to design their glasses.

Hitting All the Angles

Bow-worthy brow lines are making their way onto the red carpet, and we’re loving the attention to detail. Long gone are the days of straight, rectangular frames or slightly curved tops. Designers are embracing the endless possibilities in shape and style. Included in this movement is the rise in geometric glam.

2019 Award Season

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MCM is our go-to for bold and beautifully designed frames. With a portfolio bursting with creativity, we never grow tired of their releases. These MCM frames have us admiring the light from all angles.

Classic Cat Eye

Blush tortoise is here to stay, and when it’s paired with the classic look of the cat-eye, it’s bound to make a splash on the red carpet. These pretty frames go perfectly with just about everything, making them a great everyday pair of glasses. Cole Haan has released some breathtaking frames in recent years, and these are our number one pick from the collection carried on Eyeconic.

2019 Award Season

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Take your style to celebrity status with any one of these frames. We will be taking special note on how these eyewear styles are brought to life during the next award show. If you’re looking for more red-carpet-worthy glasses, check out

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  • April West says:

    Cat-eye? Nah no. Metal accents, patterns and clear frames? Yes please!

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