NBA’s Tyreke Evans and VSP Return to Chester

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Last week, we traveled with former Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans to his hometown of Chester, Pennsylvania. We brought our mobile clinic Eyenstein, where VSP doctors provided much-needed eye exams and glasses to residents – for free. The clinic made stops all around the city—from City Hall and the Boys & Girls Club, to Chester High School and the J. Lewis Crozer Library.

Tyreke has been dedicated to providing opportunities for his hometown, especially for at-risk kids, since he became a professional basketball player. He has partnered with us for the past four years to accomplish our mission of helping people see. We continue to work with Tyreke as he joins the New Orleans Pelicans this year.

The White House named Chester one of the six cities needing assistance in its Strong Cities Strong Communities initiative. During our time there last week, we worked closely with City of Chester Public Health Commissioner Ieasa Nichols and Councilman William Jacobs to provide access to care for the city’s residents most in need.

This annual visit to Chester is part of VSP’s official adoption of the city, which includes providing year-round support of the community through a variety of health- and education-related initiatives.

Photos by Ja’Quille Lolley, JL Photography.

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