New Year’s Eve Eye Safety

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There’s something special about the start of a new year. Make the most of your New Year’s Eve with these tips to help keep your peepers safe through all your festivities.

Party Poppers

Nothing says it’s a celebration quite like confetti. Even though party poppers may look harmless, don’t let their size fool you! These can cause eye injuries if you aren’t careful. Always point party poppers away from your face and others. Was yours a dud?  Don’t sweat it, avoid reconstructing party poppers because it could just blow up in your face, literally. Supervise children and instruct them on proper use.


Sparklers are one of leading causes of firework related injuries and should be treated with the same precaution you would use with other fireworks. Only light sparklers outdoors and  keep a bucket of water nearby. Don’t light more than one at a time and don’t relight duds. Point sparklers away from your face, and others.

To dispose of fireworks soak them in water before throwing them out in the trash. Follow safety instructions on the packages and all laws that apply to your area.


Celebrating with a champagne toast? Impress your friends by opening the bottle like a pro, and avoid the flying cork.

Did you know a cork released from a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine can fly up to 50 mph? No one wants to be on the receiving end of that!  Watch this video to learn how to safely open a bottle of champagne.

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