“Find Your Fit Sweepstakes” with the Nike Vision Alternative Fit Collection

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Sport-inspired for the athlete in everyone, Nike Vision offers new alternative fit frames ideal for individuals with low or wide bridges. The alternative fit collection embodies Nike’s heritage with an athleisure aesthetic and lightweight design for added comfort.

Enter the Nike Find Your Fit Sweepstakes for a chance to win your choice of Nike prescription glasses complete with single vision lenses. There will be four (4) winners total!

How to Enter

  • Login below on the Nike Find Your Fit Sweepstakes entry form with your email address or through Facebook.
  • Click the entry options and follow the instructions – Each entry equals one point. You may complete each entry option once for a total of up to five entries.
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View the new Nike alternative fit styles.


This sleek modified rectangle acetate frame has an alternative fit bridge ideal for low or wide bridges.

Shop the look on Eyeconic.com


These on-trend semi-rimless frames are punctuated with a top bar design and thin metal temples with nylon tips. The alternative fit bridge is ideal for low or wide bridges.

Shop the look on Eyeconic.com


This semi-rimless design is ultra-lightweight and features adjustable silicone nose pads for added comfort. The temples feature an ombré coloration with a Nike logo on each side.

Shop the look on Eyeconic.com


This rectangle two-tone frame has sculpted acetate temples with an alternative fit bridge ideal for low or wide bridges.

Shop the look on Eyeconic.com.

Find Nike eyewear on Eyeconic.com or find a VSP Network Eye Doctor near you that carries Nike eyewear.






  • Brent McDonald says:

    Nike would be a great fit for my Famly.

  • Jose says:

    This would be a great change (Nike) and a good chance to win a new pair of glasses

  • Patti Rabiola says:

    Love the Nike7919AF frames.

  • Paul Chapman says:

    Thank you,

  • Stephanie Female Brown says:

    Perfect new glasses

  • Sharon Bartholomew says:

    I need new glasses!

  • Waleska webster says:

    Thank you, definitely time to upgrade

  • Aida Mujkanovicc says:

    Thank you

  • Tina Columbo says:

    Love the blue ones!

  • Nicole M Robbins says:

    Would love the nike7919AF for my son

  • cathleen miller says:

    oh I would love a pair of nike frames

  • Katie short says:

    Would love to have these

  • My husband is a vet and needs new glasses bad has a script but couldn’t afford a pair of glasses

  • Kristen M Hoyt says:

    Thank u for the chance! ❤ all the Nike glasses!

  • Karla Franklin says:

    I love the rectangle glasses.

  • Mark Rathz says:

    After looking the new Nike frames over, I think I like the Nike 7913A the most!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Lucy Gomez says:

    I would love to get a new pair of glasses. Need some new glasses but can’t afford them.

  • Donna says:

    <3 all the styles. Thanks for the opportunity to play to win!

  • Bill Rebenschied says:


  • Sandra Gulliver says:

    I’ve ready for new glasses!

  • Antonio Spennati says:

    Love the look of the Nike 7918Af.. The color is awesome not to mention the half rims. Love them!!!!

  • Jamie says:

    I need a pair of glasses! I only have contacts! Would love to try!!

  • Robert Jackson says:

    Think they would look great on me.

  • Michael Green says:


  • lloyd johnson says:

    Need new frame less ones for the pitch…soccer referee

  • Darwin Leatherman says:

    My only pair of glassses broke. I a replacement. A pair from Nike would a vision saver.

  • Josh says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • JILL PETROVA says:

    What a great look.

  • Dave says:

    Need to get me one of these!!

  • Fred Holmes says:

    I like the 7913AF and 7918AF and could use a new pair since the ones I recently got ae not doing the job

  • DeAnn Cole says:

    My grandson has the older ones and they have been super glued on both sides multiple times. We hope the new ones are tougher. He could definitely use a new pair!

  • Brian says:

    When is Nike going to come out with a base 6 curved frame? Until then I will continue to buy Oakley.

  • Mark says:

    Nike provides style with durability.

  • Glen Ross says:

    Have existing NIKE frames in needs of replacement. They have been great

  • Hope Linda Butterfield vet husband wins.

  • Sharon Price says:

    Nike 7918AF look super cool!!

  • ed says:

    I love my Nike glasses, very comfortable and I have transition and progressive lens where I wear my glasses about 16 hours without taking them off.

  • Linda Epperson says:

    I would love a new pair of glasses. I love this Nike style. Just what I’m looking for.

  • Mary Ann Stahara says:

    Nike7918AF would be a great fit for me.

  • Valencia Parker says:

    I am excited about the styles–very progressive!

  • Nan Norman says:

    I could really use some new lightweight glasses.

  • Jennifer says:

    Not sure what a low bridge is, but those yellow ones are awesome!

  • Timothy Helmer says:

    Roses are red Tim is Blue if he doesn’t Win!!!

  • Todd Hanneman says:

    I have a hard time finding glasses to fit my wide bridge. Last year I purchased Nike sunglasses…my first REAL pair of sunglasses as they fit my nose/face. I love them! Looking forward to this option!

  • Sheryl says:

    Would love another pair of glasses to have options.

  • Harry Prasad says:

    The designs look really sleek! Will look good on me…..:)

  • Lynne Prestwood says:


  • Laura Harrison says:

    I like the style with the bright green. It looks like safety green which my husband has to wear for work.

  • Dana Perser says:

    All the frames look comfortable and stylish! EYECONIC

  • connie brady says:

    love the styles and colors

  • Mary Beth says:

    These Nike glasses look very durable and long lasting, which we need on a farm.

  • Cheryl pavlak says:

    My husband broke his and needs another pair. He loves nike

  • Need a replacement love nike

  • terry says:

    I could really use a replacement frame, my previous frames are 11 years old. My insurance pays for lens but not frames and I love these.

  • Bill Hillman says:

    Would love to try them

  • Tim Rooney says:

    I am a big fan of my Nike frames similar to 7913AF. My prescription changed and now it is time for a new pair. A sweepstakes win would be a big boost. Thank you.

  • Chris Platt says:

    I love them all. Nike has out done themselves this time. There is a style for every personality in my family.

  • MARIA says:


  • Elva Holliday says:

    I love the bright green ones!

  • Gary Shaw says:

    New glasses look great. I can’t wait to try a pair

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