Nike Introduces New Men’s Training Sunglasses

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With clarity in every direction, Nike Vision adds two new sunglasses to its Fall 2017 Men’s Training Collection, developed with direct insights from MLB All-Stars Mike Trout and George Springer, as well as other top Nike athletes.

Watch as Mike Trout and George Springer sport Nike Hyperforce Elite and Nike Hyperforce training sunglasses.


Nike Hyperforce Elite training sunglasses are built with advanced optics in a one-piece lens that provides an uninterrupted line of sight no matter how and where you move. Along with incredibly lightweight frame, they offer adaptable comfort on game day or during training.

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Nike Hyperforce training sunglasses feature adaptable comfort and advanced optics that are designed for clear vision no matter how and where you move.

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  • Bren says:

    Love that George Springer, Go ASTROS

  • Andrew says:

    Do these glasses work if You have a stigmatism?

  • Laura says:

    Where can they be puchased and how much

  • Jeff says:

    Can I get them as a prescription sunglasses?

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