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Designed side-by-side with Nike athletes, the Nike Spring 2016 Running Collection pushes the envelope of athletic innovation and style with sunglass styles engineered for both speed and comfort.

Nike Vision’s new construction method seamlessly fuses the lens material with the frame to provide increased coverage and lightweight feel—with aerodynamic angles designed for speed.

The collection was also designed in partnership with VSP Global’s innovation lab, The Shop.

Ready for the evolution?


  1. Visit the Your Eyes Have Evolved Giveaway on  the VSP Vision Care Facebook page
  2. Fill out the entry form
  3. Enter Daily through April 30

Twenty seven (27) winners will each receive a pair of the Nike Bandit sunglasses. One (1) lucky winner will receive the grand prize of the Nike Vaporwing Elite sunglasses. For more information, please see the Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions

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Nike Vaporwing Elite sunglass

Streamlined for speed, the Nike Vaporwing Elite sunglasses’ sleek and ultra-lightweight design feature an innovative, one-piece shield lens for maximized field of view and protective coverage.
Click here to find a VSP Provider in your area who carries Nike eyewear!

Nike Bandit sunglass

The Nike Bandit combines all of the technical benefits of performance eyewear into a stylish frame. With flexible rubber arms and heat vents built into the top of the frame, these sunglasses are ideal for running, training and beyond.
Click here to find a VSP Provider in your area who carries Nike eyewear!

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  • Anthony Pietanza says:

    Love the Bandit!! It will do well!

  • Richard says:

    I hope I win!

  • Pat Underburger says:


  • Cynthia Chambers says:

    Love the Nike VaporWing Elite! So Dynamic! I hope I win!

  • Elena Alvarez says:


  • Maria Vasquez says:

    Very nice sunglasses

  • Su K says:

    I have been wearing glasses since I was three. Growing up I always thought of how nice it would be to be able to see without those eyeglasses on my nose. I changed over to contacts as soon as I could.

  • Mary Janssen says:

    State of the Art

  • LC Thomas says:

    I am looking forward to my winning.

  • Julie says:

    glasses that have evolved!!!

  • Steve says:

    Ekin skcor

  • Wilson Rogers says:

    Love Nike sunglasses. I’ve had a pair for five years and still good

  • Larry Wright says:

    Love these cool frames!

  • Love the glasses. Amazing. Hopefully I win
    ..thank you.

  • Cindy Niskanen says:

    I would love a pair of these

  • Windy Mobley says:

    Me me me me! I am a Travel Ball softball mom of an 11 year old daughter. My life revolves around being in the sun!

  • Anne Imlay says:

    These would be great for skating

  • Dianna Murrah says:

    Great sweepstakes.

  • Victor Holove says:

    Bandit is the winner, am I? Pick me!

  • John Brosnaham says:

    Yes please!

  • Allen Grymes says:

    I soooo need a new pair of sunglasses! Love these!

  • Stephanie Krebs says:

    Very cool.. would love to try them.

  • Lynette Glynn says:

    Being in Florida I would love a pair of prescription sunglasses!

  • Amanda Souza says:

    These look sharp! Hope I win a pair!

  • Ronald Shelton-Lane says:

    Pick me

  • Linda says:


  • Kelly Marshall says:

    Awesome glasses …. Really like Nike

  • Julie Richardson says:

    I could sure use these!

  • John says:

    I’ve worn glasses since I was 3. Just had surgery in both eyes for cataract and glaucoma. No longer need glasses at 60 years of age. Would love to own my first pair of quality sunglasses.

  • I would a cool pair of Nike

  • I would a cool pair of shades

  • wendy fuentes says:


  • Jose Rivera says:

    Nice sunglasses. Pick me

  • Kenneth Soto says:

    Hopefully i win..need these for the summer..gonna try to use contacts this year

  • Melanie Dayton says:

    Momma needs a new pair of shades!

  • toni arnold says:

    I need a good pair of sunglasses to keep my eyes well.

  • A castillo says:

    Would love to run again but I need the right eyewear that will stay on my face!

  • Wilna wheeler says:

    I would love these!

  • Tawanna Osborne says:

    I would love a pair of these!!!

  • Karen Carter says:

    Love the style of shades. I need to wear shades outside, because I have a touch of sun damage from not wearing shades. I think these are cool.

  • Debbie Draganovsky says:

    I like! Need a pair for the first beach trip in several years.

  • Rebecca Fornwalt says:

    These are awesome.

  • Ruben Rosario says:

    I want to wear these sunglasses on my next marathon run.

  • Ruben Rosario says:

    When i run the road, trail or my next marathon I want these sunglasses protecting my eyes and making me look cool…

  • Joy says:

    I’m gonna need a cool car to go with these cool shades!!

  • James Kleck says:

    Nice glasses, the place for them is VB on the beach!

  • Billy Zarcone says:

    Running in NIKE sunglasses is like riding on the wind. It gets you there in comfort and style !!!

  • Chetria Rath says:

    Great gift for my friend graduating Law Enforcement academy.

  • Let’s “see” if I win

  • RAMESH DV says:

    Awesome products from Nike!!

  • jenn says:

    epic lasses

  • Alexandra says:

    Omg they would go just fine with my convertible

  • Paula Hahn says:

    The Revolution has begun. Beautiful design…

  • Francis Ediae says:

    I used to have a pair but it’s broken. I would love another

  • I would love to win these!!!!!

  • Brenda Mears says:

    When I’m on Miami Beach I need shades to protect my eyes hope I win these look so cool.

  • Jared says:

    I wanna be a bro

  • Awesome, these will be great for biking to work.

  • Garrick Spencer says:

    Love Nike sunglasses. I saw these and was like WOW. Nike knocked it out of the park with these. Keep up the great work Nike!

  • Al Vega says:

    These would be great for protecting my eyes while looking great at the same time!

  • Beautiful would go great with my Pickleball game.

  • tina says:

    I want to be the coolest gma running!

  • Dale Walker says:

    Second chance

  • Amy Craigo says:

    I want to wear these when I’m hiking the trails in The Smoky Mountains!

  • renee mirsky says:

    Wonder why this field isn’t asterisked when it’s required. Anyhow, very useful for sports and most other purposes!

  • Kevin graczyk says:

    Go Nike!

  • Barbara Palermo says:

    Need new shades.

  • Lisa Almazan says:

    I would love to win a pair of these glasses! H ope you guys will choose me? These are awesome!I wear sun glasses every time I go out.Fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  • I would love a pair.. thanks

  • Sharon says:

    Very cool video!

  • I need these for my cycling activities!

  • Pete Gunnoe says:

    I’ll be the coolest guy in the race

  • Cobden Lyn says:

    Awesome cool!

  • Panfilo banuelos says:


  • Paco March says:

    I want to look cool like that.

  • Vianey says:

    Oh these are super nice! I’d be bragging if I won either of them.

  • Kevin says:

    Bring it on Nike!

  • kim possible says:

    I’m so sexy with these on.

  • Bob foulke says:

    Sleekest glasses around

  • Cobden Lyn says:


  • C Lyn says:

    Great looking…count me in!!

  • Sharon says:

    Looking good on me!

  • Dale Walker says:

    Still trying

  • Dale Walker says:


  • i would have what I always thought

  • Dale Walker says:

    One more time

  • S lyn says:

    Very lovely on me!

  • S lyn says:

    So modern and stylist!

  • Dale Walker says:

    Once more once

  • lisa says:

    Hi!!!! Stunning glasses.

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