See the Nike frame everyone is talking about at this summer’s competitions

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The next level of performance eyewear for elite-level track and field athletes is ready to compete.

Meet The Wing.

Nike challenged VSP Global’s innovation lab, The Shop, and long-time lens partner Zeiss to reimagine the design and manufacturing process to create a revolutionary frame for elite runners.

Nike’s no-compromise design philosophy meant putting the athletes’ needs first. Using design-thinking methodologies and rapid prototyping, Shop designers were given the opportunity to push the limits and actually embed with real Nike athletes all around the world to uncover their unique eyewear needs.

The Nike Wing features a first-ever unibody lens construction that is 16.4% lighter than standard lens materials in the sports eyewear industry. It also has ventilated nose and brow pads to reduce fogging, while providing exceptional, aerodynamic grip.

And while The Wing has been built exclusively for the world’s most elite track and field athletes, mere mortals can also snag a limited number of pairs on soon.

And while the $1,200 price point may feel as high as a pole vault, Nike’s Spring 2016 Running Collection offers eyewear for athletes of all levels, while incorporating many of the same key innovations that were developed for The Wing.

Shop the collection on or find a VSP provider near you that carries Nike eyewear here.





  • Tammy Cooper says:

    If they are confert light weight that is what the athletes need and for them stay on that way to go.

  • The price is for those that enjoy saying, Look, I’m have more money than you. Sad people!

  • Pauline Kahney says:

    I have very dry eyes and need protection against dry winds. The trouble is, I have a bump on the top of my nose, which isn’t exactly small. I have thrown away tons of sun glasses because of this.

  • Cheryl Maier says:

    Would be easier to preview if the frame was on a face.

  • Richard Montanez says:

    I would like to try a pair. I am an active competitive racquetball player.

  • Richard Montanez says:

    I am a competitive racquetball player, I would love to test and advertise your product. I only wear Nike clothing, shoes.

  • Cynthia Chambers says:

    Absolutely fantastic!

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