Practice a Safe Gifting Season: Do’s and Don’ts

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The gifting season is upon us, and while present hunting is the norm in December, very few are aware that it is also Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Given the plethora of gift options out there, knowing what to look out for can make a big difference in preventing possible injuries from well-intended gifts.

Here’s our list of what to be on the lookout for when shopping:

  1. Age appropriate toys: Toys are age rated for safety reasons, and video games have ratings determining what age the content is generally suitable for. Be sure that you adhere to their recommendations.
  2. Warning labels and safety precautions: Read all tags and labels that are attached to any toys (including plush toys) for additional safety instructions or warnings that may have not been called out in the packaging.
  3. Product recalls: Keep an eye on which toys have been recalled recently. Many consumer groups and government entities will send free email updates via email alerting you to recalls. Sign up for these updates and be sure to glance at the list prior to shopping.
  4. Durability: Especially when it comes to small children, durability is essential. Examine the toy in its entirety for sharp pointed edges. A Consumer Product Safety Commission regulation prohibits sharp points in new toys and other items intended for use by children under eight years old. Inspect all gifts as children open them, and check that the item cannot be broken easily. You want to avoid any toy or product that easily breaks into shards or sharp pieces, or that releases anything toxic when damaged.  Broken toys should be disposed of immediately. Sharp objects can pose a particular threat to eye injury and vision loss in children. To learn more about how to keep your eyes healthy and protect your family’s vision, visit
  5. Allergies: Take allergies and food or chemical sensitivities into account when purchasing gifts for any age group.

Once you’ve checked off the recommended list above, it is important to take time to explain to the child how to use the toy to avoid any preventable mishaps.

And if your little ones do happen to get glasses this holiday season we have tips on how to successfully ease your children into wearing their new glasses – ensuring they are making the most out of their present. View these tips and more at

We hope this check list will help to ensure you and your loved ones have a joyous and safe holiday season! Happy shopping!

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