Take Steps to Prevent Diabetes this World Health Day

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World Health Day 2016 is focused on increasing awareness of diabetes, the massive costs to society associated with the disease and the consistent increase with those impacted by it. Today cases of diabetes have quadrupled since 1980 and unfortunately the pace shows no indication of slowing down.

In simple terms diabetes is a disease that occurs when your body doesn’t produce enough insulin (Type 1), or is unable properly regulate the insulin it does produce (Type 2). Type 2 is acquired, comprises 90% of adults with diabetes globally and is largely due to excess body weight and low physical activity.

What can be done to prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes?

  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Incorporate regularly scheduled physical activity in to your daily regimen
  • Eat a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, while reducing intake of sugars, processed foods and saturated fats.

It may come as news to many, but a routine eye exam can detect pre-diabetic conditions and can assist in getting the early treatment that gives the best at a positive outcome. An optometrist can see changes in the blood vessels of the retina, things that help manage the condition.

On this World Health Day, give thought to how you can reduce your risk of diabetes or manage it, should you already be impacted by it. Regular physical activity, a balanced, healthy diet and an annual eye exam are easy things that can make a big difference in avoiding or minimizing the impact of diabetes.

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  • Ernest Thomas says:

    Awesome stuff.

  • Ediejan says:

    my vision is already changing and I’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes a couple months ago…

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