Q&A: Pro Skier Chris Benchetler’s Winter Eyewear Must-Haves

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Well, it’s official: Winter is here (happy solstice, ya’ll!).

So as snow begins to fall and millions embrace the great outdoors—from black diamond slopes to snowy strolls through the park—we wanted some advice on the season’s best eyewear to keep you looking great and your eyes properly protected.

After all, UV protection for your eyes should be a year-round priority.

But in snowy weather, the need is even greater.

Ever hear of photokeratitis? Just imagine an incredibly painful sunburn of the eyes (yeah, ouch). Snow blindness can be a common form of photokeratitis in the winter, caused by UV rays reflecting off the snow.

So we tapped pro skier and all-around adventurer Chris Benchetler for his favorite Dragon Alliance winter eyewear picks to keep you and your vision looking sharp this season.

Q&A: Pro-Skier Chris Benchetler’s Winter Eyewear Must-Haves

VSP: Why is it so important to protect your eyes on and off the slopes?
CHRIS: You only really get one set of eyes, so taking care of them seems to make a lot of sense. Eyes are automatically going to deteriorate with age, so prolonging the process and trying to keep my eyes healthy is important to me.

Which Dragon snow goggles are your favorite and why?
I really like the NFX2 goggle. It’s all about functionality and style. The NFX2 has a very timeless look, a comfortable fit, and the ease of changing lenses is unbeatable. When I slam or get snow-caked in my lenses, it’s awesome to be able to change out my lens quick and easy.

How does the LumaLens Technology in the goggle increase performance on the mountains?
Being in the mountains, especially during the winter months, usually consists of changing light conditions. There’s no real way around it, but with the LumaLens Technology covering the entire light spectrum, I’ve experienced a noticeable difference between all the contrasts and changes in shadows, flat light and slope contours.

What about sunglasses?
I’d recommend the Liege or Mix styles for everyday hanging out. For mountain travel, go for Deadball or MountaineerX.

Chris Benchetler’s favorite Dragon Alliance sunglasses.

A closer look at the Dragon Alliance “Liege” sunglass style.

What’s a good optical style, too?
I like the Blake frame. Classic styling and a solid design.

Dragon Alliance “Blake” optical frame.

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    I would really like to try some of these sunglasses. I love the style.

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