An NBA Tribute to Eye Doctors Affected by California’s Camp Fire

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For the ninth year, VSP teamed up with the Sacramento Kings NBA team during a game to engage local fans and raise awareness about the importance of vision care. We also sought to reflect on the Camp Fire, California’s most devastating wildfire to date, and recognize the hometown heroes who positively affect our lives when it’s needed most.

Since the Camp Fire, we’ve seen communities unite on a path to recovery, despite considerable loss and tragedy. Among the many affected were several VSP network eye doctors from Paradise, California. Even though some of them suffered both personal and professional losses, they continued to care for their patients and their communities by providing care on board the VSP Eyes of Hope mobile clinic or in other eye care practices.

The entire basketball stadium, filled with approximately 17,000 fans, silenced as a touching video highlighted the stories of affected community members—many who received care on board our mobile clinic. Doctors with eye care practices in Paradise stood mid court and, on behalf of VSP and the Sacramento Kings, were presented gifts of gratitude and made honorary Kings members for their continued service to their communities.

To date, in partnership with VSP network eye doctors like those in Paradise, VSP Eyes of Hope has helped more than 2 million people in need with no-cost eye care and glasses. And we’re committed to helping 1 million more by 2020.

Learn more about how VPS Eyes of Hope increases access to eye care and eyewear for those disadvantaged by income, distance or disaster.

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