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Mydriasis: Saying ‘Eye Love You’ With Your Peepers

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Butterflies in your stomach and sweaty palms are clues your body is giving you that you might crushing on someone hard, but those aren’t the only chemical responses your body has when it’s falling in love.

Christina asks, “A guy told me you can tell when someone is in love by simply looking at their eyes; any truth to that or is this just some cheesy pick-up line?”

It’s still a cheesy pick-up line, but at least there’s some truth to it.

When we see someone we like or are attracted to, our pupils dilate. This uncontrollable physiological response is called mydriasis. It’s almost as if our eyes are trying to see as much of the person as possible.

However, according to Masoud Nafey, OD, FAAO, your eyes won’t be able to determine if you love your significant other more than that hamburger you had for dinner.

If your pupils don’t dilate, there could be a few different factors including the environment, light, or maybe, you know, you could just not be that into him or her. In that case, you might want to think about investing in a pair of shades to throw over the eyes … because just like your hips, they don’t lie.

Watch Dr. Nafey explain all of this and more in the latest edition of #AskAnEyeDoc below.

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