3 Reasons Why SunSync Elite is Your Ideal Winter Lens

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The cold-weather months require TLC when it comes to your overall health. Whether you’re dealing with dry skin or fighting off a nasty cold, winter can take a toll on your body. Our eyes are no exception. Fortunately, there’s now a revolutionary new approach that might help with your winter eye woes.

SunSync Elite

SunSync Elite, a new light-reactive lens, could be your must-have solution this season. Here’s why:

1. Provides constant UV protection

Winter is typically associated with gray skies and cooler temperatures, but it’s also a very vulnerable time for our eyes. Although we can’t see it, we are exposed to ultraviolet radiation daily, even in overcast weather. And just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you’re getting any less exposure. In fact, snow can reflect almost 80 percent of UV radiation, which means in addition to the light coming from the sun, even more harmful UV rays are being directed into your eyes when you ski, snowboard or even shovel snow.

SunSync Elite automatically darkens when it comes into contact with UV light, making sure you have around-the-clock protection without having to think about it.

2. Ultra-fast change time can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle

Baby it’s cold outside, but the reality is you still have places to go, people to see and errands to run. Faced with low temperatures, your day probably looks like a mad dash from outdoors to indoors to escape the cold. SunSync Elite has up to 10x faster fade-back speed[1]. In independent testing in polycarbonate at 73.4°F, SunSync Elite fades from fully activated to 37.1% T in 10 seconds compared to 37.5% T in 100 seconds for Transitions Signature VII and ultra-fast activation to make sure your glasses don’t slow you down.

3. Excellent blue light defense makes sure you’re protected indoors too

The idea of bundling up in a blanket and cozying up on the couch is much more enticing when the weather is less than ideal. But just because you’re indoors, doesn’t mean your eyes are in the clear from certain risks. Choosing to stay indoors likely comes with binge-watching your favorite shows, online shopping, reading on your tablets and devices—all things that expose your eyes to blue light. Exposure to blue light can result in sore, tired, irritated eyes in as little as two hours of screen time. SunSync Elite offers targeted blue light filtration from digital screens to keep your eyes happy and healthy.

Want to learn more? Ask your VSP network eye doctor about SunSync Elite and if it might be right for you.

[1] In independent testing in polycarbonate at 73.4°F, SunSync Elite fades from fully activated to 37.1% T in 10 seconds compared to 37.5% T in 100 seconds for Transitions Signature VII.


  • Matt says:

    I’m interested….but is it available for glass lenses?? Polycarbonate doesn’t work for all of us!

  • Esther L Whittle says:

    I have lens implants with UV filters.
    Extra filter is not important to me.

  • Nick Hammer says:

    Fine if you can use glasses, but what about those of us who have contacts?

  • Rb says:

    If for Winter what’s the point of testing at 73 degrees?

  • Janna says:

    What kind of prescription would you put on these glasses? computer distance? distance?

  • Cathy says:

    Why arent they making sunglasses dark enough to keep the sun out?

  • Theresa Nicholas says:

    Are they completely clear when you’re indoors? What I don’t like about Transition lenses is they are always a little bit dark. At 69 years old, I need all the light I can get for reading, needlework, etc.

  • Nancy Jensen says:

    This is great but will they transition while in a car? I have found that my current transition lenses do not go dark while I am driving and that is the exact reason I bought them so I would not have to have a separate pair of sunglasses for driving.

  • .Is SunSync covered in my prescription plan..??What will my out of pocket cost be??

  • David Nicol says:

    due any of the sun sync products work for lined bi focal lens ?

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