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Eye Doctor Helps Students

Eye Doctor Helps Students Achieve Their Dreams

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Dr. Robert Meisel is a man of action. He served on active duty with the U.S. Navy and jumped out of helicopters for the U.S. Marines. He built a successful optometry practice before retiring, and then worked part-time to provide eye care to both veterans and prisoners. He volunteers locally and globally, in between trips Read More »

Sports Eye Safety

Sports Eye Safety on and off the Baseball Diamond

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As the weather grows warmer, aspiring little leaguers have begun to channel their favorite Major League Baseball players and are ready to run the bases. Before your little one starts swinging a bat, there are several important things to know about sports-related eye injuries. Eye injuries from sports are all too common: every 13 minutes, Read More »

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Seeing in HD – One Mom’s Story

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“Wow, everything is in HD. I can see the words on Netflix!” exclaimed Joshua, age 10, as he lifted his prescription sunglasses up and down from his face. Joshua never had issues with his vision before, so it was somewhat of a surprise to his mother, Carolyn, when she learned he needed glasses. From an Read More »

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Eye Exam Helped in Success of California Senate Leader

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This year Toni Atkins took the oath as president pro tempore of the California Senate two years after serving as Speaker of the Assembly. She’s the first woman and is also the first legislator to hold both leadership posts since 1871. With these tremendous achievements, it would be easy to assume that the Senate President Read More »

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Surprising Eye Health Stats

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Do you remember when you had your last eye exam? If you can’t, know you’re not alone. According to a recent study conducted by VSP Vision Care and market research agency YouGov, most people rate vision as their most important sense but only half reported getting an eye exam in the last year. So why Read More »

how often should you go to the eye doctor

How often should you go to the eye doctor?

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Veronica and Anthony want to know, “How often should you go to the eye doctor?” Dr. Kirschbaum, VSP network eye doctor, recommends people get their vision checked every year, starting when they are very young. Children should have their first eye exam at six months old, then at three years old, before starting school and Read More »


Caryn’s Tips for an Easier Back-to-School

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Balancing a full-time career with being a mom is challenging enough. Mix that with back-to-school preparation and things can easily seem unmanageable. To help you keep things on track this season for an easier back-to-school, we’ve enlisted advice from VSP employee Caryn Ng. Caryn is an Operations Manager who leads a large support team. When Read More »

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