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The Truth About Diabetes and Hearing Loss

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The latest report by the CDC estimates there are more than 30 million Americans suffering from diabetes and another 84 million who are thought to have pre-diabetes. As scientists continue to research the effects of diabetes, they’re uncovering connections to a number of other health conditions, including vision issues and hearing loss. If you or Read More »

National Diabetes Month: Why an Eye Exam is Crucial

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Every November, people across the United States observe National Diabetes Month, bringing attention to the disease and its impact on millions of Americans. Diabetes is a growing epidemic, especially in my home state of California. Last year a University of California Los Angeles study found that 55% of adults in California have diabetes or prediabetes. Read More »


4 Common Eye Conditions Among Women

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Did you know women are more susceptible to visual impairment? In fact, women represent: Two-thirds of blind and visually impaired people around the world Over 700,000 of 1 million legally blind Americans 2.3 of 3.4 million Americans suffering from a visual impairment Why is there a discrepancy? In industrialized countries, more women experience age-related eye Read More »