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Dry Eyes

Why do my dry eyes water?

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Harsh weather conditions like cold temperatures and wind, mixed with hot air blasting from your heater, can be a recipe for dry eyes in the winter months. Symptoms of dry eyes can include burning and itchy eyes, blurred vision, and as odd as it may sound, watery eyes. If I have dry eyes, but they Read More »

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An Eye Exam and an Unexpected Diagnosis

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At VSP, we hear a lot of stories about how a routine eye exam can lead to other discoveries about one’s eyes or their overall health. These stories continue to remind us of the importance of that annual comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist. Our friend Rebecca Plumb shared her recent experience at the eye Read More »

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Avoiding Dry Eyes During the Winter Months

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As winter sets in and frigid temperatures sweep across the country, you may notice your eyes are getting drier. It’s common for symptoms of “dry eyes” to occur during the winter months, but just because it’s common does not make it any more comfortable. We feel your pain! Dry eyes can cause all sorts of Read More »


Winter Dry Eyes Explained

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As the punishing polar vortex makes its return this week, we’re reminded of another cold-weather occurrence: winter dry eyes. From cold snaps to deep freezes, cool, dry conditions can cause eyes to become inflamed, irritated and even sensitive to light. To help us understand how to combat this seasonally induced syndrome, we spoke with Dr. Read More »

3 Eye Conditions Caused By Stress

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Have you ever had uncontrollable eye spasms? What about blurry vision or extremely dry eyes? Did you ever think these symptoms could be caused by stress? Our eyes are an extension of our brain, so whatever affects the various parts of our brain can interfere with our vision. Blurred Vision Stress and anxiety can cause Read More »

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Allergies or Dry Eye Syndrome?

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This is a guest blog by Stephanie Williamson, who is a Project Specialist in the Online Marketing Department at VSP Vision Care. Are your eyes persistently dry and irritated or do you experience a frequent burning sensation? It could be allergies or your symptoms may point to “Keratoconjunctivitis sicca,” commonly known as dry eye syndrome, Read More »