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An Eye Exam Brings Clarity to Nursing Student

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It was during an evening college class that Diana, age 23, first noticed she couldn’t see the classroom board clearly. She hadn’t had an eye exam since she was 12. “I was sitting in the front row and still couldn’t read the board,” said Diana. Diana nannies during the day to pay her way through Read More »

gift of sight

A Meaningful Gift for a Fresh Start

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Longtime friends Julia and Andrea have been inseparable for the past seven years. When Andrea recently became unemployed, Julia knew she wanted to do something to help her friend. Knowing Andrea would be without income and insurance, Julia decided to give something that would help during this unforeseen time and set Andrea up for success Read More »

Feeding Your Eyes This Fall

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Since the weather is getting cooler and a lot more time will be spent in your cozy home, this is a perfect time to shake things up in the kitchen. We all know diet is important for your overall health, but did you know your eyes are included? I’ve heard numerous times carrots are the Read More »