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Lenses for Your Changing Visual Needs

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Whether you grew up with perfect vision or needed corrective lenses early in life, there are some inevitable vision changes that take place as early as your 40s. Typically this is when presbyopia sets in, which can make it more difficult to focus close up. So, if you’ve celebrated the big “four-o” and you’re starting Read More »


Blue light can affect your sleep cycle

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This is a guest post by VSP Network Optometrist Gary Morgan. Did you know that your use of smart phones, tablets and computers may be a risk factor in developing age-related macular degeneration and losing precious hours of sleep? Blue Light is more effective than any drug, including caffeine, at keeping us awake. Did you know that more blue light Read More »

sunsync: photochromic lenses for every lifestyle

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Do you get flustered switching between sunglasses and regular glasses throughout the day? What if one pair of glasses could change with lighting conditions to not only protect your eyes but also make them more comfortable? That’s where sunsync comes in. sunsync lenses are photochromic lenses—lenses that darken automatically outdoors and then fade back to Read More »


Protect your eyes from harmful blue light

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Have you ever heard of blue light? Maybe not, but you’re mostly likely being exposed to it right now by looking at a screen on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Yes, the digital devices we have become so dependent on may actually be harming our eyes. That’s because the screens on these digital devices, along Read More »


Thinking about Digital Lenses? We did the research for you…

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Last month, we said we were partnering with additional bloggers to review UNITY digital lenses. Today, we reveal them! UNITY asked three outspoken, honest and very busy bloggers to go to their local independent optometrist to experience what it’s like to switch to UNITY digital lens. First they received their annual comprehensive eye exam and then Read More »

INFOGRAPHIC: The evolution of eyeglass lenses

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Have you ever wondered where the lenses in your glasses came from? And if the phone you bought two months ago is already outdated, what did the first glasses look like? You’re in luck! Check out the infographic below to see how lenses have evolved over time. Warning! You may find your lenses are even Read More »