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What to Expect at an Eye Exam

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Has it been awhile since your last eye exam? Maybe you’ve never been at all. You know you’re supposed to get your eyes checked every year, but sometimes the unfamiliar is intimidating. You keep putting it off until you learn that your eyes can reveal a lot about your overall health, and you’ve run out Read More »

Eye Care in the New Year

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As 2016 gets rolling, millions of people are focused on their New Year’s resolutions.  According to StatisticBrain.com, the top resolution made is to lose weight. Others include, quitting smoking and staying fit and healthy. If you look at the pattern of resolutions, wellness is the overall theme. Part of your wellness should include a WellVision Read More »

UV Protection and Why Winter is Not an Exception

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It’s easy to assume that by now you’ve broken out the heavy duty jackets and scarfs and put away  the warm season staples like shorts and short sleeves. But before you also stash away your sunglasses, you should know the risks of not protecting your  eyes run in the winter months. The Elements of Winter Read More »

Winterize Your Eyes

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As the temperatures drop, you may notice your eyes are getting drier. It’s common for eyes to be dry during the cold months, but it’s definitely not comfortable for those who suffer from it. So, what causes dry eyes? Chronic dry eyes can be the result of a host of conditions. During winter months a Read More »

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Practice a Safe Gifting Season: Do’s and Don’ts

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The gifting season is upon us, and while present hunting is the norm in December, very few are aware that it is also Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Given the plethora of gift options out there, knowing what to look out for can make a big difference in preventing possible injuries from well-intended gifts. Here’s our list Read More »

A Surprise “Thank You”

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Some people travel often and others may never travel at all, but most daydream about a once in a lifetime trip. According to TripAdvisor®, these are the top five bucket list places people want to visit: See the Northern Lights in Iceland Sleep in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora Admire the sunset over Santorini Read More »